Singular Magazine Nominated for Nine Top Awards

You’re in the Best Company! Singular Magazine Nominated for Nine Top Awards


Nominations include best new magazine, best city magazine and best lifestyle magazine.

Singular Magazine Nominated for Nine Top Awards

Last Friday was a good, no, a great day at the West L.A. offices of Singular magazine and The prestigious Western Publishing Association, which has been honoring the finest in magazine publishing in the West for almost 60 years, notified Singular magazine, “the new kid on the block,” that it had been nominated for an astounding nine Maggie Awards.

Approximately 100 judges poured over entries and publications and deliberated for three days to choose the nominees. Singular snagged nominations for editorial, photography and design categories, including Best New Publication, Best City & Metropolitan magazine and Best Lifestyles & Alternative Lifestyles publication.

Co-Founder and Editorial Director, Kim Calvert said, “The nominations are a testament to the commitment, hard work and passion our team has put into creating Singular magazine. We are thrilled to be honored by this long-standing industry awards program.”

Singular competes with other well-known and previous Maggie awarded publications, such as Emmy magazine, Sactown, San Francisco, Arizona Highways, Sunset, Edutopia and American Way. Singular is even competing against itself in one category, “Best Series of Editorial Photographs” — photo series of singular athletes by Scott Morgan (September/October issue) and “Fresh for the Holidays,” a photo-based holiday get-together feature for the November/December issue.

“It feels great to be nominated alongside such respected publications,” says Singular co-founder and publisher, David Wright. “Kim and I started with passion and a dream not too long ago, so we couldn’t be happier to be honored so quickly by our own industry.”

Singular’s nominations include:
Best City & Metropolitan/Consumer
Best Lifestyles & Alternative Lifestyles/Consumer
Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Consumer
Best Table of Contents/Trade & Consumer
Best Single Editorial Photograph/Consumer
Best Single Editorial Enhanced Photograph/Trade & Consumer (two nominations)
Best Series of Editorial Photographs/Trade & Consumer
Best New Publication/Trade & Consumer

Winners of the 78 Maggies in competition will be announced at the 58th Annual Maggie Awards presentation on April 24, 2009, at the Westin Hotel, Los Angeles Airport.

We’ll all be cheering for you-know-who!

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  1. Great read. Love this. I also was not the little girl who dreamed about getting married and having kids someday. NOT on my itinerary. Things turned out a little differently for me and I can’t imagine life without my son now but I can tell you I would have been just as happy without having a kid. Before I had my son so many people would say I was “selfish” for not having kids and even more condescending – that I really couldn’t know anything about love without having kids. What complete rubbish! You mention how people look at you sympathetically when you say you don’t have kids which is so obnoxious first of all, but I’ve noticed (now that I’m in the kid world) how many unsolicited opinions people with kids love to share. If I had a dollar for every mom who says to me, “oh you only have the one child?” Shock and that same “sympathetic” look you described usually follows. As if all people are determined to produce American society’s required 2.5 kids and it’s just so sad for those who have not achieved that fabulously lofty goal. I will admit to finding great pleasure in responding to their vocal concerns that my child will be weird because “only children are always a little odd” with the fact that I’m an only child as well. Their look of horror makes me smile all day long. 😜

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