You Had Sex on the First Date?

You Did What on the First Date?


A romantic relationship with a man can be difficult to achieve when you have sex – and that includes what Clinton did with Lewinski – on the first date.

You Had Sex on the First Date?

I had lunch with a girlfriend a couple of months ago. Tammy (not her real name) is 25, smart, pretty, vivacious and in love with life. There’s just one thing that continues to baffle her: dating and relationships with men.

You see, Tammy is happily single and while she’s in no hurry to get married, she does want to have a monogamous LTR (long term relationship) with a man — but it’s just not happening. She said the men she dates are interested in her for a week or two before things sour, or they simply drop-off the radar.

Now I’m no dating coach, but I’ve been around on the planet a bit longer than Tammy so I was curious as to why this was happening to someone as likeable and attractive as Tammy – and also curious if her experience with men was typical for younger women in today’s dating world. So, I asked for more details.

She said she met men easily: at the gym, at parties, even at the grocery store. The initial spark was there for both parties, a date was made — dinner, a walk on the beach, a movie — and then I found the “smoking gun.” Tammy has sex on the first date.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but one of my corollaries is that men lose interest fast when women appear to have little discretion about whom they sleep with. Yes, yes, yes, I know there are exceptions. People sometimes meet, have sex within hours and live the rest of their lives in romantic bliss — but it’s rarer than a blue-eyed two-headed cat!

“Auntie” Kim shared her opinion on such things with Tammy and suggested she try waiting a while before jumping into the sack with a new beau. She looked at me as if I was suggesting she go to the beach wearing Long Johns under her bikini, but agreed to give it a shot.

I saw her again this week and was anxious to hear how her “jet cooling” experiment had transpired.

“Oh nothing really changed,” she said. “I mean, I stopped having sex with them, but after a couple of dates they stop calling me, or they change and start acting like jerks.”

“So you stopped having sex — until you have a chance to get to know them and they have a chance to get to know you? And they still lose interest? ”


“And how did the dates go?

“Oh, we have a great time. I really can’t understand what’s up. I guess guys are just flakey.”

I’m looking at this beautiful, charming woman, completely baffled. Could it be true? Are men in her generation really so shallow and unable to connect?

Wanting to make sure I didn’t jump to any false conclusions, I asked again, “So really, you had a great date and at the end of it, no fooling around at all?”

“Well yes,” she said, “I mean, we made out and I gave them a BJ, but we didn’t have sex.”


Now I don’t know when oral sex became something other than “having sex” Or when a kiss on a first date happened below the waist. Maybe what transpired with Monica Lewinski during the Clinton Administration has redefined what Tammy’s generation calls, “having sex.” Seriously, is this a generational thing or just a case of “good girl gone dumb?”

On the other hand, have things really changed? Has sex become as casual as a handshake? After all, as former President Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” And we all know what not having sex involved in that situation.

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Kim CalvertKim Calvert is the editor of Singular magazine and the founder of the SingularCity social networking community. An outspoken champion of people who are living their lives as a “me” instead of a “we,” Kim oversees the creative direction and editorial content of the magazine and online social networking community. She secures contributors and is responsible for maintaining the fun, upbeat, inspirational and often-humorous tone of Singular, a lifestyle guide for successful single living.

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9 thoughts on “You Did What on the First Date?

  1. Until recently I was also in this girl’s position (minus the sex on the first date part). I was unlucky in the dating realm and it seemed like after awhile there might be something wrong with me. One guy I dated whoo-ed me for 4 weeks calling, texting, the whole shabang and all the sudden stopped talking to me. I found out down the road it was because I never slept with him and pushed away his advances when he tried to make a move. So is that how all men think? Not to put in the work if there is no sex involved? Needless to say I think otherwise now with my boyfriend but it had me seriously wondering for a long time.

  2. While there are no absolutes, Dr Dennis…there is definitely some truth in what you say on the men’s side, esp. here in LA. If you don’t instantly (and magically), ‘get it right’ with absolutely no room for error, it is over. No discussion, no argument, no notice.

    I had a friend whose girlfriend left him in Europe to go home (on a trip she paid for a large part of) one night, for a just a glance he gave her at dinner. He didn’t even know what the “glance” was. I’ve had one or two women vanish over something they thought I had said, only to find out weeks later that I had meant something else entirely…and what I had said was actually indeed true.

    As a guy here, you lose 3 ways with that: you didn’t know you had said something that was taken a different way, you were never asked to at least take a shot at clarifying, because they already have moved on…and then 3 months later when they maybe find out differently about you…they’ve already shoved you into the ‘Friend’ box (or worse), and you don’t get the girl you thought you wanted to begin with. Over & out.

    Also, I think women view this emotionally, and so much of this doesn’t matter to a lot of them. From what I see, a lot of them get asked out almost constantly, and so with a never-ending parade of guys to follow, what do they care? (Maybe I wouldn’t either!)

    Obviously the ladies out there might have a different view on this, and I’m not writing to start a ‘bitch session’ among the genders. Not at all. But it’s no wonder the Single Life continues for many, no matter which side you are on here.

    1. Hello Ken!

      Thank you for your comments. They are well thought-out and very accurate. In fact, they match my research exactly save for one point; it’s also true in most other parts of the world – not just here in Los Angeles. And, it’s getting worse, not better.

      I’ve actually had men that were dumped because of something they did or said in their partner’s dreams! No, I’m not kidding.

      Best regards…

      Dr. Dennis W. Neder
      President/CEO/Executive Producer
      Remington Publications
      BAM! Productions
      Publisher of “Being a Man in a Woman’s World I & II”
      Producer of “BAM! TV”

  3. You kidding me? I wish I met a girl like your friend. When I go out on a date, I don’t do anything and let the girl decide what she is comfortable with. Then they get mad at me because they think I am not interested. That’s what happens when you try to be old fashioned and take it slow.

  4. Most of the women I date these days are demanding sex by the second date, even when I’m not ready. How’s that for “modern mating”?

  5. I once had a good guy friend advise me that I should go on 7 dates with a guy before anything happened beyond a kiss goodnight at the door. I tried it, and actually found that by the time I’d get to date 3, I knew if I wanted to event see them for a date 4. So better to find out if you even want to date them first before you sleep with them!

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