Women Find Brains More Attractive than Brawn

Women Find Brains More Attractive than Brawn


Guys — keep your bulging biceps and your six-pack abs, unless you have the brain power to match.

Women Find Brains More Attractive than Brawn

Brad Pitt, move over and make way for the new sex symbol — Albert Einstein. We might be exaggerating, but there is a very real core to this concept. Meet the new hot target of a woman’s desire — a man with mental muscle. Although media stereotypes would have us believe otherwise, a recent informal study of 600 women by DontDateHimGirl.com found that 69 percent would give the boot to a guy with muscles and not much “upstairs” in favor of a guy with sparkling intellect.

“I think women have finally figured out that a guy’s looks are something that can change over time,” said Sonia Torretto, a licensed professional counselor and frequent contributor to the dating advice site. “A man with intelligence, who is kind and loving in a relationship, beats a guy with rippling muscles and the smarts of a third-grader any day of the week.”

Dating expert Tasha Cunningham, creator of DontDateHimGirl.com says, “The results of our survey were surprising. Clearly women aren’t as attracted to the Brad Pitts of the world as conventional wisdom might suggest.”

Of course, there are still that remaining 31 percent who said, given the choice, they would ditch the brainy guy for the Brad Pitt clone. And if the guy with the pecs also happens to have the smarts… Well, the world is his.

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