Wine Tasting Class - The Essentials and Essences

Wine Tasting Class – The Essentials and Essences

Wine Tasting Class - The Essentials and Essences
Wine Tasting Class with SingularCity

When reading a description of a particular wine have you ever wondered where they get those elaborate descriptions like “redolent of dark earth and violets, with hints of smoked meats and tobacco,” and for the bad ones, “thin, musty, with the smell of a wet dog on a hot day”?

If you’ve ever wished you could understand wine at this level, join us on Saturday, August 29 at 8 p.m. at a historic home near downtown Los Angeles for a wine tasting event, structured as a class, that will teach you to use your sight, smell and taste to grasp the universal method used by professional tasters to evaluate all wines.

In this interactive class that doubles as a wine tasting event, SingularCity sommelier Michael Pariser will take you through a systematic approach that will help you to understand what a wine is (its essential descriptive nature) as well as how good it is (a comprehensive evaluation of its quality).

In addition to the essentials of tasting, Michael will also introduce you to many of the essences of wine, the aromas most frequently found in the wines we commonly drink such as the blackberry of Cabernet Sauvignon, the lime and grapefruit of Sauvignon Blanc, the strawberry and cherry of pinot noir, and so on.

By the end of the class, you may not be ready to write your own wine column, but you’ll be a more adept taster, one who is ready for an expanded, improved, and more exciting experience of all the wines of the world.

The cost of this event for SingularCity members is $35 and includes the class, the wine and light appetizers. Friends of members are welcome to attend for $45. The event is limited to 22 guests.

Log in to the community to RSVP on the event page or call 323-998-0009. Once you RSVP you will be sent a link to purchase your ticket. The address for the event will be provided to ticket holders.

Click here to learn more about becoming a SingularCity member.

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