Win 31 days of delicious food

Win 31 days of delicious food


Win 31 days of delicious food

The deadline for this contest has past and we are no longer accepting entries.

Now we’re (not) cookin’! What if you didn’t have to heat up a frying pan, chop a veggie or grocery shop for one month — and could eat as if you had your own chef preparing meals to keep you lean and healthy? Well, if you win this contest you can enjoy your “personal chef” for 31 days. So don’t delay, enter the contest today!

Chefs DietChefs Diet is America’s only 5-Star healthy diet, delivered fresh to your door. The idea behind this diet is to have delicious food, balanced nutrition and infinite variety, all based on the award winning “Zone Diet” developed by Dr. Barry Sears. All meals are freshly prepared — nothing is ever flash frozen or freeze-dried. The food is delivered in microwaveable containers inside an ice-packed cooler bag. The meals — three full meals and two snacks — are delivered between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. All you have to do is get out of bed, walk to your front door and enjoy.

“I tried it for one month and now I can’t imagine living without it. It’s the perfect meal plan for busy people like me who don’t have time to shop and cook – but want to eat healthy, delicious food.” – Kim Calvert, editor of Singular magazine

Why wait? All you have to lose is the time you usually spend cooking and shopping! Enter the Chefs Diet contest now!

The lucky winner of the Chefs Diet contest will be announced on May 18th.
Contest ends at midnight on
Thursday, May 14th

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