Who Has Time to Date in Los Angeles?

Who Has Time to Date in Los Angeles?


Who has time to date? I’ll tell you who: men. We always have the time or will make the time to go out with a woman.

time to date in Los Angeles

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No matter how busy our schedule, no matter how many responsibilities, we men are always focused on women. If a woman we like wants to go out with us, we will find a way. That’s kind of the great thing about us; we’re always up for the challenge.

Through a mutual friend, I recently inquired about a certain woman who caught my eye, and the response I got back was: “She says she’s too busy with her career right now and doesn’t have time to date.” The only thing I’m sure about with that statement is that you will never hear it come out of a man’s mouth.

The reason no man ever thinks like this is because “to date” is to have sex and we all know that normal, healthy men want sex — anytime, all the time. If a man dates a woman, he is interested in having sex with her. In fact, if we ask you out, we’re not thinking about whether or not we want to have sex with you — we’ve already decided we want to have sex with you. As for those men who are seeking a relationship through “dating”? Of course, some of us are interested in one. But keep in mind that men enter relationships for two reasons: regular sex and because we like being with you when we’re not having sex.

Back to the question at hand. I keep hearing how women want sex as much as men do, but if they’re not making time to date, then how accurate is that supposition?

My friend explained that sex can easily be obtained via vibrators and self-gratification. At that moment, for the first time in my life, I understood why there’s such a disconnect between men and women when it comes to sex. Women have no clue what sex is. Who knew? Bill Clinton actually thinks like a woman.

Let me explain. Sex is with a partner where two or more bodies connect and bodily fluids are exchanged. Sex is most certainly not a solo endeavor with a foreign object. And that goes for all the men out there who think they might be having “sex” with their Real Doll or Fleshlight. Sorry fellas, that ain’t real sex either.

As for the woman I inquired about dating, logic dictates that she:

A. already has a FWB (friend with benefits)
B. did not find me attractive
C. thinks masturbating is sex
D. is recovering from a bad relationship.

More likely, it’s a combination of all four possibilities. In any case, if she truly doesn’t want to make the time to get with a man (or woman), I feel sorry for her. Too many people think their life’s happiness revolves around career achievement or financial success, when in fact, the only thing that matters in the end is the one “thing” that makes us glow, inside and out. That thing is a meaningful human connection — with fluids or without.

Simply, if you’re single in Los Angeles and you don’t have time to date, then you don’t have time to live.

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Steve MatoranWhen Steve Matoren isn’t writing about “dating” or attending Springsteen concerts, he’s writing, producing and directing for his company, Butts in the Seats Productions. In addition to Singular magazine, he’s been published in Esquire.com, Laughspin.com and Huffington Post. Steve lives in Los Angeles and says that if any ladies who read this article are interesting in “dating,” he’s available — unless Bruce Springsteen is in town.
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2 thoughts on “Who Has Time to Date in Los Angeles?

  1. It’s really sad to read yet another stereotypical male response to women who have leaned into their careers and honestly dont have time to date because they have to work five times as hard to make half the salary, constantly deal with mansplaining in the boardroom and office, get called a bitch because they are assertive or direct and penalized for it accordingly. Plus, more often than not, especially in male dominated industries like tech or consulting, getting hit on all the time. I’m bootstrapping my start-up and getting my degree at a top university, and I volunteer for things I believe in. I also cook my own food, and clean my own house and sometimes the laundry piles up.

    At the end of my day, dealing with the tech world, where I’m often the only woman in the room, NO, I don’t want to spend my evening on a date getting to know some strange dude who is, ‘interested in me’ and is most likely going to behave in the same way as some of the men I occasionally have to deal with all day long. I’d rather go home, take off my Louboutins an my Dior, take a bath, put on a pair of yoga pants, grab a scotch, relax, and enjoy time by myself, OR call my girlfriends and go have dinner and talk about work/life/my vacation plans OR go to an event or do any of the millions of things there are to do in LA at any given moment that are simple to do OR stay in and binge watch House of Cards and eat junk food, OR take my motorcycle for a spin OR do chores (that pesky laundry and bathroom cleaning)

    I’m also pretty plain spoken, so when I say I’m busy, yes, (as noted above) I’m busy, I have a life, and I’m happy. I love what I’m doing, and I have worked hard to be where I’m at and its fulfilling. I like sex and would like to find someone but FWB is just an icky thought because I don’t want to catch anything, hooking up to me is just playing Russian roulette with five bullets and only one empty chamber. I’ve ‘dated’ in LA, and frankly because most men are like you in LA, especially if the best you have to offer is that you’re a Springsteen fan.

    You’re attitude is what is unattractive, and yes we can read the subconscious desperate to get laid vibe and its a turn off, and for the record, I had a great last relationship, it didn’t work because I didn’t want to sit at home (ok, to be honest I did for about a week and got really bored) and be a housewife and I’m honest and true to myself and to him, and we’re still friends and talk a couple of times a month.

    So seriously, get over yourself find some inner fulfilment and maybe you will attract us enough to ask you out. Unless your fragile ego can’t handle being asked out by a girl.

    1. I’m single, a woman and living in Los Angeles. Thank you Shann for expressing exactly how I feel. If and only if in the course of my day or night I happen to stumble across a guy that sparks my interest, I’ll let him know and if he feels the same, we may end up in a romantic relationship. Dating for the sake of getting laid or because it’s simply what you’re “supposed to do” just because you’re single — no thanks! And please God, save me from men like the one who wrote this article.

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