When Your Romance Is Over – How Do You Know?

When Your Romance Is Over – How Do You Know?


We went out to the streets of Los Angeles to ask a variety of singulars how they can tell when the sizzle has fizzled.

When Your Romance Is Over – How Do You Know?

Question: How do you know that a relationship is over?

Stephanie Kuoch, Diamond Bar, artist“…When you realize that your relationship is suddenly responsible for all the negativity in your life, and feel like you can only be happy again if you let it go.”— Stephanie Kuoch, Diamond Bar, artist
Alex Sinclair, Mount Washington, apparel business owner“…When you’re not as attracted to your partneras you initially were, and find that you have both become entirely too comfortable around each other.”— Alex Sinclair, Mount Washington, apparel business owner
Brion Moran, Brentwood, architect“…When you stop communicating, no longer return phone calls promptly, or can’t be bothered to synch up your schedules to spend lots of time together.”— Brion Moran, Brentwood, architect
Rebecca Hugh-Jones, West L.A., equestrian and student“…When there’s not just a lack of communication, but you’ve also completely given up hope that you could ever talk things out.”— Rebecca Hugh-Jones, West L.A., ballroom dance instructor

Read The Warning Signs in Advance

In his latest book Better Love Next Time (Wiley, 2009) best-selling relationship lit author J.M. Kearns catalogs 13 subtle tip-offs that the end of a romantic partnership is nigh. Here’s a sampler:

  1. You feel like crying when your partner is nice to you
  2. You find yourself objecting to her or his quirks that you used to find endearing
  3. Your social lives become completely separate
  4. You’re no longer yourself — your personality feels phony or distorted when she or he is around
  5. You catch yourself laughing heartily with a friend—and realize you haven’t laughed with your significant other like that in a long while

How about you? When do you know that a relationship is over? We would love to hear from you. Please post your comments below.

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