What’s Cool in Men’s Fashion this Fall

What’s Cool in Men’s Fashion this Fall


Designer Shai Medalsy of Stone Rose has a few tips on shirts and jackets that will win stylish, singular men a second or third glance.

What’s Cool in Men’s Fashion this Fall

With the days of summer becoming shorter and autumn beginning next month, fall-season wardrobe basics are waiting to find their home in your singular closet. We caught up with Stone Rose designer Shai Medalsy who gave us a few tips on easy-to-wear pieces that will make your transition from summer to fall a bit more stylish.

Light Up the Office
Light Up the OfficeDitch that generic cornflower blue for something more adventurous like turquoise — the pantone color-pick for 2010.“A bright colored shirt canwork at the office,” says Medalsy, “just make sure it’s paired with a simple suit and a dark tie.”Try a high thread-count woven with a distinct peek-a-boo pattern on the collar or cuffs. Stone Rose’s fall collection highlights a deep-hued teal woven from their best-selling MIA collection, a versatile choice that allows the option of showing off your wild side or keeping it classic if you’re feeling shy.

Adding to these tips, Medalsy says “…and by the way, expect to get a double take from the girl in the copy room.

Mad for Plaid
Mad for PlaidFor some, the word plaid might evoke memories of jamming-out to Kurt Cobain in your basement as a kid. These days, a crisp plaid woven can help you achieve a great weekend look that says grown-up, not grungy.”Plaids are definitely back on the radar,” says Medalsy. “We have full print plaids, but for those that are still weary of the trend, we have something for you too.”Without going overboard, Stone Rose acknowledges this trend in a subtle way by adding plaid detailing to collars, inseams and cuff
Keep Everyone Wondering What You Have Up Your Sleeve
Keep Everyone Wondering What You Have Up Your Sleeve“This fall you will see textured blazers dressing up casual and dressing down conservative,” says Medalsy. “Sounds backwards, but with fun fabrics like velour and linen, blazer’s are now a design statement.”The Stone Rose jacket features smaller lapels and fine fabrics that are durable enough to be an ideal outerwear choice. Deliberate-detailing and inside jacket print options like stripes, paisley, ginghams or even floral truly punch-up the essential by adding levels of personality to an otherwise ordinary jacket.

Founded in 2007 by Medalsy and his childhood friend, Jonathan Sharvit, Stone Rose specializes in putting a modern spin to traditional classics. Their collection offer signature details such as contrast top-stitching, retro and ethno prints that are vibrant in color, affordably priced and stylishly comfortable. Shirts retail at $139-159, Blazers retail at $345-395.

Stone Rose is available at fine boutiques nationwide. For more information about Stone Rose, please visit www.stonerose.com.

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