Video Pick: Why I’m Still Single

Video Pick: Why I’m Still Single


Book author and humorist Randy Ross is completing a novel with the working title, “The Loneliest Planet: A Handbook for the Chronically Single” which he plans to circulate to agents in 2014. The book is about a never-married hypochondriac by the name of Burns who takes a trip around the world hoping to change his luck with love. He says the book combines the personal journey of Eat, Pray, Love with the romantic frustration of Portnoy’s Complaint. “In other words,” he says, “it’s about what it’s like to be over forty and single.”

Ross has reworked scenes from the book into a one-man comedy show called “The Chronic Single’s Handbook,” which he performs at literary events, clubs and theater festivals around the country. In this video clip, titled “Why I’m Still Single,” Ross reads a portion of his novel where the main character ponders why he’s attracted to “women like this” and could that be why he’s still single.

For more video clips and to learn more about Randy Ross, visit his website: Chronic Single.

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