Video Pick: I Hate Every Single Christmas

Video Pick – I Hate Every Single Christmas


Enjoy singer and songwriter Sara Baker’s musical lament about the hassle she gets over the holidays from her family and friends about being single.

This song was released as a single from the soundtrack of the musical One Kiss Cafe. Sara Baker is the lead character in the musical and moved to Nashville from her small hometown in Ohio to pursue her dreams of being a hit songwriter.

After graduating from high school, it was assumed by everyone, except her, that she would get married and “settle down.” So when she returns home from Nashville for the holidays, she is harassed unmercifully by friends and family who want to fix her single status.

The song is not about “hating” Christmas. In fact, she specifically states that “The season is bright” and that she “gets the meaning of the first Christmas night.” But, she does hate being single around the holidays and this is her song of frustration. It is fun, up-beat, funny and eventually becomes a song of empowerment as she realizes she is okay with her single life.



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