Video: New Zealand Is Boring

Video Pick – New Zealand Is Boring


This funny song video from the kiwis who run adventure tours at Active New Zealand pokes fun at the land way, way down under.

Check out this funny video created by the Andrew Fairfax, CEO and founder of Active New Zealand, an adventure tour company that has put dirt in over 14,000 pairs of boot treads on hundreds of adventure vacations for small groups (6 – 14 people) all over New Zealand.

The co-writer of the song (and co-star) in the video is Phil Boorman, who started their South America operations some ten years ago.

The two decided to put together the video to warn people what New Zealand is really like — albeit a bit tongue in cheek. There are no shopping malls, very little in the way of traffic (outside Auckland), no multiplex cinemas or freeways and well, a whole lot of open space. So, the fact is, if you really do want to escape the rat race and enjoy beautiful terrain, well, New Zealand is not so boring after all.

Just be sure to never confuse New Zealand (or the people who live there) with Australia or Australians — as the video points out.

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