Travel Gadgets for Your Summer Vacation

Travel Gadgets for Your Summer Vacation


Take these widgets with you and stay connected when you’re on the go.

The Kiwi Choice U-Powered Solar Charger
If you rely on your smartphone’s GPS, camera, and e-mail functions to get around, the last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign place with a dead battery. These travel-friendly goodies will keep your devices powered up and ready for action so that you can rest easy on your vacation.

Schoshe PowerFUZEFor any island or Mexican voyage, the Kiwi Choice U-Powered Solar Charger and Novothink SolarSurge are good picks. The Kiwi Choice features a built-in flashlight and secure magnetic feet so it can bask in the sun and recharge its solar battery while you’re lounging poolside enjoying a margarita.

The SolarSurge is the world’s only Apple-certified solar charger carrying case that doubles the battery life of your precious iPhone. Other great options for your Apple device include the MiLi PowerSkin or Konnet PowerEZ Plus, which features a built-in kickstand for convenient horizontal viewing.

For road trips with friends, the Scosche PowerFUZE is the speediest way to charge any two USB-powered devices at the same time.

The SxiMP3 by Finis provides you with an underwater soundtrack.For those with multiple brands and types of devices, the Technocel PowerPak XT is an all-in-one charging solution that comes with practically any charging adaptor you might need.

Blackberry or Palm Pre lovers will cherish their Richard Solo 1800, a pocket-sized battery backup that has a laser pointer, which will surely provide endless entertainment from a hotel balcony.

Apart from these modern smartphone chargers, it’s also important to take your tunes with you on vacation to set the mood anytime, anywhere. Grace Digital Audio’s Eco Extreme is perfect for any active getaway — it’s an all-terrain, waterproof speaker case that can blast music from any phone or MP3 player.

If you’re a snorkeler or swimmer, make sure to pack your SwiMP3 by Finis. This waterproof MP3 player uses bone-conduction technology to emit an underwater soundtrack. Now that’s a cool way to go for a swim!

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