Top Cities for Singles

Top Cities for Singles


Top Cities for Singles“Go West, young man” used to be the call. Of course, in those days everyone and everything was terminally politically incorrect and slogans didn’t even think to include women, let alone single adults. With singles now devouring the lion’s share of the overall demographics — over 50 percent, it is natural for us to seek out places where we can meet, greet our peers, and maybe even lay down roots.

That is probably why a lot of hip, savvy, professional single adults ended up — and remain — in Los Angeles, where the singles population tips the 55-percentage mark. If you denizens of less singles-friendly environments have wanderlust, curiosity or just a nagging little dissatisfaction with your current digs, come join us in L.A.!

And if you want more confirmation or other choices, a new survey might give you the sign you crave. CNN, Money and Fortune magazines have rated other top cities in the US with the highest percentage of singles 30+.

These cities, many of which just a few years ago were considered marginal due to safety and the sheer boredom factor, have seen gentrification and renewed vitality. They have attracted artists, restaurants, enterprising builders to renovate Old Town areas — and upscale, affluent single adults.

Some surprises there — Hoboken, N.J. (57.7% singles) tops the list, with a hop, skip and a 20-minute jump to New York City. Sommerville, Mass., (51% singles) finally shedding its unfriendly “Slummerville” nickname, grabs a spot thanks to its grand group of creative types and access to the Boston subway’s Red Line. Burlington, Vermont (50% singles) makes the cut for its college-town atmosphere, outdoors activities and subsidies for younger adults. Or try North Druid Hills, Ga. or Minneapolis, Minn. — the “most literate city in the United States.”

Top Cities for SinglesOther top city winners for singles 30+:

Cambridge, Mass., 52.4% singles
Berkeley, Calif., 51.2% singles
Boston, Mass., 50.3% singles
Washington, D.C., 48.5% singles
Boulder, Colo., 48.2% singles
Hermosa Beach, Calif., 47.2% singles
Hempstead, N.Y., 45.8% singles
Atlanta, Ga., 45.7% singles
Syracuse, N.Y., 45.6% singles
Albany, N.Y., 45.4% singles
Hartford, Conn., 45.3% singles
Santa Cruz, Calif., 45.3% singles
New Haven, Conn., 44.9% singles
San Francisco, Calif., 44.7% singles
Newark, N.J., 44.1% singles
East Orange, N.J., 44% singles
St. Andrews, S.C., 44% singles
Marquette, Mich., 44% singles
Tempe, Ariz., 43.8% singles
Madison, Wis., 43.7% singles



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