The Rules for Staying Single

The Rules for Staying Single


Some single people are happy with their singular state and want to stay that way — bringing the need for new dating rules.

The Rules For Staying Single

A survey by research agency Euromonitor, which tracked demographic data from 40 of the world’s largest economies between 2001 and 2006, has concluded that the number of single households around the world has increased by 12 percent during that time, to more than 183 million. What’s more, the loud-and-proud singular attitude seems to have also caught on in nations as diverse as Vietnam, South Africa, China and Spain.

As celebs like George Clooney glamorize the singular life, many regular folks are redefining their dating goals too. Today’s men and women who love their independence may want romance without marriage — and must learn new rules to communicate their wishes responsibly.

“The word ‘player’ is outdated now,” says April Beyer, owner of Los Angeles relationship and matchmaking consulting firm Beyer and Company. “But if you’re going to date without aiming for marriage, be honest with your partner and with yourself too.”

Beyer recommends that stay-single clients be upfront from day one, and that their partners really listen to them.

“Explain that marriage may not be pivotal to you now, but be open to change,” she says. “Get to know your partner and then see where it goes.” Older singles seeking quality non-marriage mates should stick to their age range, says Beyer, pointing out that younger clients usually want their turn at family and children.

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