Video Pick – The Owl and the Pussycat


Check out the playful antics between these two unlikely friends as they break the rules about who is supposed to be friends with whom.

“Fum” the cat and “Gebra” the owl are best friends and have a real hoot playing together in their home country of Spain. The two were raised together and learned, early on, to see each other as friends, not natural enemies.

At first glance, it looks like the cat is trying to capture the owl, but it’s all part of their daily play and very likely that the owl calls the shots in the relationship. Besides sharing their mutual respect and affection, both share a common interest in fresh mice.

Jordi, the owner of the two, decided to video tape what he sees every day when he goes out for a walk: Gebra the owl and Fum the cat interacting and playing without hurting each other in one of the most strangest examples of an unlikely friendship.

Jordi recorded what he saw and put it on YouTube. The video went viral, inspiring him to create, a website devoted to unusual friendships in the animal kingdom.

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