Why Summer is Better For Singles

Why Summer is Better For Singles


Check out these 15 reasons why summertime can be the best time to enjoy your singular life.

Summer is better when you are single in Los Angeles

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As a newly single lady, I was quite surprised when I announced my break-up to friends and family. Expecting cheers of liberation and praise, I was instead given hugs, comforting words, and suggestions on where I could go to find a new man.

Evidently society possesses the opinion that a single female should be jumping back on the LTR bandwagon quickly, lest she be doomed to a life of solitude. Even dating sites insist they have the right “formula” to meet the man of my dreams, and even my own mother had not-so-subtly hinted at the benefits of a Match membership.

While surprised at these reactions, I wasn’t fazed by them. The relationship grass may have seemed greener, but rather than looking over the other side of the fence, I was going to water my own damn lawn!

I began to jot down all the reasons why I was appreciative of being single, and what do you know – I came up with 101 of them!

With summer just around the corner, I have a whole new list of reasons why it’s great to be single, particularly with summer just a few weeks away.

1. You’ll Look Better

We get into a relationship and we become complacent. Not to mention, you just don’t seem to have as much time as when you’re single. Being single means you have more time to hit the gym, and it gives you the incentive you need to do so – get that gym body!

2. More Travelling

Summer is a fantastic time to get out and explore the open road. When you’re in a relationship, you have to work out both of your schedules, choose a place that you both want to go to, and the list of mutually agreeable concessions goes on. When you’re single, you have friends – and at least one of them will be available and willing to head off to your favorite destination.

3. Dating

Summer dating is fantastic – there are tons of summertime activities and many are free. You don’t have to feel guilty about going out a couple times a week because you won’t blow your budget.

4. No Sharing Ice Cream

It’s summer… it’s freakin’ hot out. So you go to the store to grab a tub of your favorite quality cookie dough ice cream. When you’re single, you don’t have to share. That tub is simply too small for two spoons.

5. Finding Your Stuff

You have a way of organizing your things that may not make sense to someone else. So your boyfriend or girlfriend, trying to be helpful, cleans the house and puts your things somewhere – and now you can’t find them. When you’re running out of the house to hit the beach, the last thing you want to do is rummage around looking for your bathing suit.

6. Bonus Invites

There are lots of events happening in the summer. If you’re single and one of your friends of family members has an extra ticket to something, they’re going to ask you: you’re there to save the day.

7. Guilt-Free Adventures

In the summer you never know what shenanigans you’ll get up to. Boat rides with random hotties at the beach? Heck yes!

8. Belt it Out

Summertime is the best time to roll down your windows and belt out your favorite tune. There’s an air of liberation that comes when you’re alone in the car that just isn’t there when you’re driving around with a significant other.

9. Let it Hang Low

This point goes for gals just as much as guys. You’re single, you live alone, and it’s hot out. Why not be naked in your own home? When you live with someone, even someone you’re comfortable with, you probably aren’t just wandering around the house naked. When you’re single all bets are off (unless you don’t have blinds).

10. Be a Visitor in Your Own City

The first date always carries pressure of doing something exciting. This helps you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and in the summer there are so many activities to try. After a few first dates, you’ll know your city better than before, and have more ideas of activities you can do with your friends.

11. Mix up Your Meals

When you’re single you can eat whatever you want. Summer time means farmer’s markets with tons of fresh local veggies. No need to worry about whether your boyfriend or girlfriend will eat what you’re cooking – it’s all for you!

12. No Random Mess

Whether it’s a dirty bathing suit in the bathtub, a used towel thrown on the floor after a day at the beach, or sandy flip flops in the hallway… when it’s someone else’s mess, it’s way more annoying than when it’s your own.

13. Treat Yourself

Feel like buying a whole new summer wardrobe? Go for it! (If you have the money, that is – I’m not advocating going into debt for clothing.) In a relationship, your partner’s comments about your purchases and spending habits are inevitable. When you are single, you won’t have someone making you feel guilty about it.

14. Finding Your Zen

No matter how similar you are to someone, there will always be differences… and often, that means fighting. Summer is time for relaxing and fun! No relationship means no squabbling.

15. Sexy Magic

Newly single? You just got hotter. Once you own your singleness, you carry an air of independence about you that is envy-inducing to those in relationships, and extremely attractive to those who aren’t! Strut down the beach feeling fine you saucy singular!

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Karleen DeeKarleen Dee is a Vancouver resident. After she obtained her BA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, her talents were put to good use writing paper after paper on theories of serial killers, city crime rates and company business plans. Deciding it was time to compose something that better matched her cheerful and creative personality, failed relationships inspired her first book, 101 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single.
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