Sue Wong Reveals Spring Dress Collection

Sue Wong Reveals Spring Dress Collection


Singular designer delivers a sensory experience with her new spring 2013 fashions at a packed-to-capacity audience at the Conga Room at LA Live.

Sue Wong Reveals Spring Dress Collection
Photo by Rachel Murray / WireImage

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.” Had he been at the fashion show at the Conga Room at LA Live on Friday, September 21, that revealed Sue Wong’s 2013 spring line of ethereal women’s evening wear, he surely would have included the dresses from the designer who is also a member of Singular magazine’s social networking community, SingularCity.

Christened “Spring 2013 Transcendence,” Sue Wong’s fashion show was introduced by hunky actor Thomas Jane, the star of HBO’s Hung who said, “Tonight, nature and design come alive in gowns that invoke the beauty and magic of spring …”

Among the appreciative audience were fashion industry tastemakers and Hollywood celebrities such as actress Mai Ling; General Hospital’s Jen Lilley and Lindsey Morgan; Dexter’s Lauren Mayhew; Meital Dohan of Showtime’s Weeds and Kearran Giovanni of TNT’s Major Crimes.

Sue Wong with Dexter's Lauren Mayhew
Sue Wong with Dexter’s Lauren Mayhew, wearing one of the designer’s creations. Photo by Kasey Jones

Lauren Mayhew looked radiant in a Sue Wong knee-length gown, beaming as she posed with the designer on the red carpet. When Lauren was asked what it was about Sue Wong’s pieces that she loved so much, she said, “All of her intricate beadwork — you can spot a Sue Wong a mile away.”

Despite the star-studded crowd, all eyes turned to the designer as she walked the red carpet in her own gorgeous, floor-length, black feathered gown that with her every twist and turn, exuded glamour.

Asked about her new spring 2013 line, Wong said, “I tried to capture that fleeting beauty that exists in the very fibers of both fashion and nature,” noting that this particular collection was inspired by writers like Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Walt Whitman — all part of the nineteenth century transcendentalist movement that revered the natural world.

Sue Wong Spring Collection
Photo by Kasey Jones

One model after another paraded down the runway in Wong’s stunning gowns, captivating onlookers. Her collection was comprised of gowns both long and short, in an array of colors such as chartreuse and forest greens, cerulean blue, silvery white, and pastels that seemed to capture spring itself. Each gown was uniquely different, while maintaining Wong’s signature of old time Hollywood glamour fused with a modern, yet earthly divinity.

Indeed, it was as if the audience was transported to another realm — a realm where the very essence of spring was expressed by the elegance of the Sue Wong’ collection. When the first model stepped onto the runway in a floor length V-Neck gown, the whole room gasped in awe of her empress-like radiance. Another piece drawing applause from the crowd was a V-neck, floor-length gown with a beaded torso, ruffle petals and finished with ostrich feathers.

The show concluded with a magnificent ivory, floor-length beaded and embroidered gown, with illusion yoke and a layered, pleated organza skirt.  As the model glided down the runway, onlookers were nearly falling out of their seats, vying to examine every detail. It was a remarkable piece to end on, and the epitome of elegance.

The entire event was filmed in 3D, in conjunction with the 3D Film, Music and Interactive Festival and will be featured in the forthcoming documentary Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles, directed by Catherine Bauknight. The film features Sue Wong as among the city’s most iconic and influential innovators.

Sue Wong Spring Collection Turquoise with Fan
Photo by Kasey Jones.

“Fashion lives by progress and change,” Wong said. “This is an exciting way of engaging modern women while celebrating the kind of Hollywood beauty, magic and transformation that has always been so integral to my designs.”

Wong has been a successful fashion designer for more than twenty years. Her unique talent and vision have propelled her from being a lead designer for Arpeja’s sportswear division to developing her own collections at Sue Wong, Inc.

Her designs seem to only get better and better, producing vast collections of timeless beauty and elegance, channeling old Hollywood, and in her spring 2012 collection, the era of famed transcendentalists.

Not only are her dresses beautiful, they’re also accessible, ranging in price  from $229-$829 and available at major department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom,  Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and quality boutiques nationwide, as well as in 27 countries.

With a collection like Wong’s spring 2013 Transcendence, dresses will be flying out of stock as soon as soon as they hit the stores. What women wouldn’t treasure an opportunity to transform from the ordinary into extraordinary?

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