Sue Wong Unveils Jazz Babies Collection

Sue Wong Unveils Jazz Babies Collection


The Cicada Club set the scene for glamorous fashions from Sue Wong that recalled an era when women defied tradition and expressed their sensuality freely.

Sue Wong Jazz Babies

Sue Wong has done it again – creating another beautiful collection of sparkling, embroidered and bejeweled dresses with the power to transform any woman into a golden age movie star. Wong unveiled her spring 2014 line at the Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 9 to a room packed with friends and fans, many dressed in their own Sue Wong creations.

It was the perfect setting for a show that kicked off with the song: “Cabaret” performed by Michael Peer and commenced with a parade of stocking and gartered models wearing short, flapper-esque dresses with enough va-va-voom to make the likes of Boardwalk Empire’s Nucky Thompson reach for a stiff one.

The look was an unexpected surprise from Wong and good news for those who are in the garter belt and stocking business – not to mention glad tidings for the many who’ve missed the sensation of a leg covered in sheer silk and a garter lying against a smooth thigh.

Calling the new collection “Jazz Babies,” the singular Sue Wong says she was inspired by the 1920s flappers — young women intent on enjoying themselves and flouting conventional standards of behavior. “Before then, women were only ever portrayed as an extension of a husband or her parents,” Wong says. “Those amazing women pioneered the kind of empowered attitudes and lives we have today.”

Mixed in with the provocative look of short dresses and gartered stockings was Wong’s trademark elegant gowns and cocktail dresses, not only in sophisticated neutrals, blacks and whites, but in warm peach tones, hot pink, turquoise and sapphire blues. And to close the show, a wedding sequence of spectacular gowns adorned in floral details and accented with dramatic head pieces.

Sue cites as inspirations women like actress Marie Prevost who spanned a career of over a hundred films from silent to talkies, Paris sensation Josephine Baker, “It Girl” Clara Bow, film star and accomplished businesswoman Norma Talmadge, and Anita Loos who was an author, screenwriter and playwright of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which featured the flapper as the protagonist.

She adds, “They paved the way to a woman’s right to lead a truly independent life. They were strong, vibrant and fabulous!”

Learn more about Sue Wong by reading her personality profile in Singular magazine.

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