single people who pursue their passion

Staying Single to Pursue Your Passion


Are some single people so devoted to their careers that there’s simply no space for a spouse?

single people who pursue their passion
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It seems that many of the singulars I’ve met — and by ”singulars” I mean single people who are comfortable with their single status — share a common trait: they are passionate about their careers.

For them, it’s not so much about making lots of money — although many are so good at what they do that they reap great financial rewards; it’s about being so turned on by their jobs that they’re unwilling to compromise their careers for marriage. They’re smart enough, or they’ve learned the hard way, how difficult it is to fulfill another person’s demands to be present for a long-term relationship while also fulfilling the demands of their life’s work.

Sure, there are couples out there where one or both are able to pursue their passions while also having a successful marriage, but how rare is that? And how difficult is it to balance your passion for your work with your passion for another person — in effect, to have your heart in two places at one time?

In an earlier day, men had the careers and women stayed home to take care of the family. At least there was a division of labor, but, unfortunately, there were also a lot of frustrated women who never had, or thought they had, the same opportunities as the men in their lives.

Nowadays, woman are free to pursue their passions, but they’re also expected to be great wives and mothers — to be Mrs. Cleaver at home and also to excel at work, gliding seamlessly between domesticity and the workplace. It’s not just women either. It must be very difficult for a man to excel in his profession while also being the dutiful father and husband to a wife who is just as passionate about her career as he is about his.

Is it any wonder that we’ve seen a rise in the number of single people in the land?

Most of us enjoy the companionship of the opposite sex and even indulge in the notion of a movie-perfect romance that eventually leads to marriage. Yet we’re realistic enough to realize that our commitment to our professions is a big part of why we get out of bed in the morning. And we also realize that having a passionate cause while also being someone’s life partner is a challenge not easily met.

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