Star King Korean BBQ - Party On!

Star King Korean BBQ – Party On!


SingularCity enjoys a sumptuous feast, Korean style, at Star King, a Los Angeles restaurant that specializes in delicious and healthy Piedmontese beef.

Chum Churum Korean Soju
Beef short rib and onion slices on a table-top grill at Star King surrounded by numerous side dishes called banchan and Korean Chum Churum soju.

Ever taste Piedmontese beef? Star King Korean BBQ is one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles where you’ll find a certified cut of beef from this special breed of Italian cattle that is practically fat-free while still being extra-tender and delicious. And it’s not just the Piedmontese beef that makes Star King a must visit restaurant in Los Angeles – it’s the entire array of meats cooked up on the charcoal brazier before your eyes along with a wide range of side dishes and appetizers, thirst quenching Korean beers and crisp, clean soju, a Korean rice wine similar to sake.

That’s exactly the kind of feast that was enjoyed by SingularCity members on Saturday, October 19 when they convened at Star King for an evening out that started with beer and soju from Chum Cherum on the festive outdoor patio followed by more food than you can shake a chopstick at inside Star King’s private dining room.

“In my life, I’ve only had Korean BBQ once before,” said SingularCity member Paul Miller, “and that was at some college kiosk, so I’m not sure that would qualify as Korean BBQ. But the food at Star King – now that was real Korean BBQ!”

SingularCity Party at Star King Korean BBQ
SingularCity guests enjoy their Korean BBQ feast at Star King.

SingularCity’s Albert Blondeel-Timmerman agreed. “I’ve had what I thought was Korean BBQ but it was nothing like this. The appetizers were very tasty, the condiment plates were also very good, but the Piedmontese beef was the real super star. I had no idea such a lean cut of un-marinated beef could have such flavor. It was the best tasting, most tender beef I’ve ever had.”

The meal began with appetizers: Jap-Chae (sweet potato noodles sautéed with vegetables), Do-to-ri Mook Mushim (acorn jelly made in house and tossed with toasted seaweed, sliced perilla leaves and Korean chives in Star King’s sesame oil dressing) followed by Hae Mul Pajun (pancake with a savory blend of seafood, tender green onion folded into a batter, pan fried and served with a dipping sauce).

The food kept coming, including the banchan, more than a dozen small side-dishes like pickled kim chee, radish, potato, parsley and spicy cucumber salad, marinated sardines, pan-fried tofu and more – from savory to sweet.

Meanwhile, the friendly wait staff demonstrated the proper way to enjoy a soju bomb. Similar to a boiler maker, a soju bomb is a shot of soju dropped into a cold glass of Korean beer, than tapped with a chopstick (creating the “bomb” effervescent affect) before being quickly downed.

With so much food, SingularCity guests were already getting full when the enormous cuts of Piedmontese “tomahawk” bone-in center cut ribeye steaks were placed on the charcoal grills built into the dining tables. If that wasn’t enough, out came Star King’s signature rib marinated in a special sauce, fresh shrimp and paper thin slices of beef – all grilled in front of the guests before being plucked off and consumed with eager chopsticks.

Piedmontese beef at Star King Korean BBQ
A Piedmontese “tomahawk” bone-in center cut rib eye steak lands on the charcoal brazier at Star King Korean BBQ.

“A Korean BBQ meal isn’t just about the food – it’s about the party and the show,” said Albert Blondeel-Timmerman. “It was so fun to taste all the different dishes, to watch the meat being grilled before our eyes and see everyone try their hand at making and drinking the soju bombs. I had a great time. You couldn’t ask for a better night out.”

Star King Korean BBQ

3807 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Monday – Friday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.


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