Singulars Shine at SingularCity Holiday Friend Exchange Party

SingularCity Holiday Friend Exchange Party


The party was buzzing with savvy singulars enjoying food, drinks and fun as they met new friends and kicked-off a singularly fabulous holiday.

Nikki, Beth, Ali, Caren, Sasha and Kim enjoy the festive fun at the SingularCity Holiday Friend Exchange party
The atmosphere was electric at the annual SingularCity Holiday Friend Exchange party held on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at La Sandia on the dining deck of the new Santa Monica Place shopping center. Some 200 singulars and their friends attended the event that featured margaritas from Tequila Avión and appetizers from chef Richard Sandoval.

While sipping cocktails and nibbling treats, guests enjoyed a highly interactive game from Single Tease and “Cosmic Christmas Cards,” from Singular magazine with vouchers inside for a surprise gift.

Best of all, the party raised funds for, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries.

Tamera Lawrence and Kristin Moore, both SingularCity members and the co-founders of Single Tease, a company with the mission of creating clever conversation starters to help singles meet face-to-face, created a fun “MingleMatch” game for party guests to play and win prizes.

The two singular women started Single Tease because they were frustrated with the dating scene themselves and hearing their friends complain how hard it was to meet other single people. It inspired Single Tease, which offers a fun line of products to break the ice and get people talking to each other.

The Single Tease team (L-R): Tamera Lawrence, Guyla Wilkerson and Kristin Moore.
“The holiday spirit was alive at the Singular party,” said Single Tease’s Tamera Lawrence. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a party with such a great mix of good looking, fun, single professionals who were approachable and interesting.”

Tamera said Single Tease enjoyed the opportunity to participate in SingularCity’s holiday party.

“We highly respect the voice of the Singular magazine and have been members of SingularCity for the past two years. When Singular approached us with the idea to create an interactive game for the party, we jumped at the opportunity to get more involved,” she said. “Introducing our new conversation starter party game, MingleMatch, to the Singular community was the perfect match.”

SingularCity member Andre Pittaluga, pictured here with another member, Pam Wu, was the winner of the bottle of Casa Dragones sipping tequila.
SingularCity member Andre Pittaluga was the lucky winner of the bottle of Casa Dragones sipping tequila valued at $275.

“It was a great party,” Andre said, “We should have one a month!” Andre said he usually never wins things, so selecting the Cosmic Christmas Card with the winning ticket for the Casa Dragones was a big surprise. “I had no idea that a tequila could cost that much! I’m looking forward to getting together with some friends over the holidays to see just how good it is!”

Other winners in the Singular magazine Cosmic Christmas Card game included SingularCity member Dahlia who won the enchanting gingerbread house provided by of Vienna Pastry in Santa Monica.

“I enjoyed the party immensely,” Dahlia said. “I found the men and women to be extremely attractive, educated and personable.”

As for the big gingerbread house that required at least two hands to carry?

“I donated it and about 150 toys to the Salvation Army on 4th Street in Santa Monica,” Dahlia said. “You should have seen the appreciation from every one. They thought it was so beautiful and the children gathered around it immediately. I can imagine what it will be like on Christmas when all the children see it.”

A party guest opens up her “Cosmic Christmas Card” from Singular magazine.
Another lucky winner was SingularCity member Eli, who won the fly-about over Los Angeles in a Grumman Tiger airplane piloted by member Art Newman. When asked what he thought of the party Eli said: “Awesome. The essence of the Singular community ― celebrating who we are as singles ― was the background for this wonderful gathering of fantastic people with great food, great drinks, and great atmosphere.”

Noting how he appreciates that SingularCity isn’t the typical “singles” website and event company, Eli said, “It is good to know that we always have a choice here at SingularCity. Whether we want to exercise that choice is entirely up to us.”

SingularCity guest Mary and member “DJRockk” get acquainted at the party.
SingularCity member Dawn Matthias was the winner of the personal training sessions with Paolo Nana, a professional trainer, body builder and former Mr. Italy – as well as a member of the SingularCity community. She said it came at the perfect time and would come in handy after all the holiday feasting.

A gift to attend Tango Bootcamp at Oxygen Tango, an absolute beginner, full afternoon crash course in Tango valued at $112 was won by Quincy, who came to the party with SingularCity member Sam Dixon. A $50 gift certificate at the Gisele Tune boutique in Studio City went to Dan Gilkey. A bottle of “Flawless” perfume from Ben Bridge valued at $85 went to SingularCity member John Ellis.

This guest found out about the SingularCity party after seeing an invitation in a Roebek’s in Pacific Palisades.
Other gifts included $35 certificates for the Dry Bar, $25 gift cards at William Rast, free chocolate soufflés at Bistro Garden in Studio City, copies of the book, “Worst Laid Plans” and coupons for $5 off the next SingularCity event.

Kim Calvert, the editor of Singular magazine and the community manager of SingularCity was delighted with the party. “It’s so great to look around and see our beautiful singular community in ‘real life’ not just online. We really are an amazing group of people ― clearly nothing like the old stereotypical idea of what it means to be single, that’s for sure!”

SingularCity members Michelle, Adryn and Rachel – and the gingerbread house – greet arriving guests.
Kim said she wanted to give a special thanks to the SingularCity members who volunteered to help make the party a success: Michelle Gigon, Adryn Miller, Niki Payne, Caren Rich, Albert Blondeel-Timmerman, Sarah Donahue and a special thanks to Jeff Daly for the amazing photography. “It takes a city to make a difference and we certainly have one here,” Kim said. “I couldn’t be more delighted with what we’ve come together to accomplish.”

Want to join SingularCity?  It’s free!  Click here for more information.

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