SingularCity member Laura Bryna Sings Her Heart Out

Laura Bryna Sings Her Heart Out


Meet this pint-sized musical fireball who says she is fiercely single.

SingularCity member Laura Bryna Sings Her Heart Out
Laura Bryna is small in stature, but that’s the only diminutive thing about her: Big singing voice, big smile, enormous energy, and boundless aspirations. A community member, the petite fireball almost crackled with electric energy and vitality as she took the stage in a recent showcase at a Burbank soundstage. Tossing her long, dark hair, and with an easy repartee with the invited audience, she whipped her sinewy form across the stage. It’s obvious she has a fierce devotion to her music.

With a wisecracking smile, Laura introduced a song, “I Hate Loving You” with the comment that she is “severely single.” Being singular doesn’t seem to put any stops on Laura. She’s burning tread across the nation on a non-stop schedule that has put her name on the musical map. In fact, owning her own life and her destiny has given Laura the power to achieve her dreams.

Once she was able to catch her breath, Singular magazine asked Laura a few questions about her life, music, inspiration and dreams:

SM: You have always loved country music. Why now are you switching to rock?

LB: I love to listen to and sing all types of music — whether country, blues, rock or pop. My producer, my manager and I are searching for that unique sound — something special that identifies me. And as long as I am making great music, I’ll be happy with it, and as a musician, I feel that I’m a stylist and an interpreter of songs. I’m excited to experiment, explore and grow.

SingularCity member Laura Bryna Sings Her Heart Out

SM: You’ve met some notable personalities in your life. Who do you consider the most important, influential and inspirational, and why?

LB: My mother is probably the most influential and inspirational person I know. She taught me so much about life and how to be the person I want to be. She has given me determination, kindness, generosity and the strength to pursue my dreams. She always told me, “Work hard and dream big, ’cause the sky’s the limit.”

Musically, my biggest inspiration would probably be Clint Black. He’s had a legendary career and is such a kind-hearted man. Although not many people know this side of him, Clint is very funny as well. Gold and platinum records, Grammys and various awards — wow, I would love to be ranked up there with a legend like that.

SM: In your showcase you mentioned that you are “severely single.” Likely you know that Singular magazine and promote a positive view of being single as a viable lifestyle choice. What does being single mean to you?

LB: (she laughs) I do say I’m “severely single” but I enjoy it. Would I love to have someone in my life? Sure, but I know it will happen when it’s supposed to. I am very focused on my career and it’s hard to meet someone when you are traveling all the time. It takes a very special person to date — or marry — when you’re in the entertainment industry. Home for a day or two and then back on the road for a month — so you see, it can be pretty difficult. It’s very cool to have Singular magazine and for those of us who are single — to let it be known that it’s OK to be single, if that’s your choice. And, what a fun website!

SM: What attracted you to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and what is your involvement with them now?

LB: I am proud to be on the Board of Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, which is in my hometown (Mt. Airy, MD) area. When I was very young, a family situation drew my attention to Make-A-Wish, and when I got to high school I started volunteering — stuffing envelopes, helping at car washes and anything else that needed volunteers. After college, I started visiting the children and granting wishes, which is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve ever done. This, of course, inspired me to co-write the song, “Make A Wish”, which is on my CD (“Trying to be Me”).

SingularCity member Laura Bryna Sings Her Heart Out

SM: We noticed that you have pet parrots. How did that come about and how do they deal with you traveling so much?

LB: I fell in love with parrots as a young girl while on vacation in Hawaii with my family. I loved them so much and couldn’t wait till I could get one. I now have three different kinds and they’re like my children — I miss them very much when I am on the road, but they’re well taken care of.  When I go on tour next, I am going to fix up a room on the bus for them to travel with me.

SM: What do you think is the first thing that people notice when they meet you? What about when they hear you sing?

LB: (laughs) People usually notice that I am really small with a big voice. My manager says I’m a “little powerhouse.” The Air Guard calls me “Lil Thunder.” They even painted “Lil Thunder” on the side of the F-16 that I flew on during an incredible flight. I was so proud that I didn’t get sick — even when they did loops and a backward flip!

(NOTE: Laura’s video, “Hometown Heroes,” was part of a national ad campaign saluting the men and women of the National Guard — and people who are heroes in their own ways, and included scenes from Laura’s flight with a Falcon Air Guard fighter plane.)

SM:  Since you are now headed in a different musical direction, do you think rock will be the ultimate direction for you?

LB: I think we are always changing and growing. I want to do what moves me most. Music has to move the listener and also the artist. Different life experiences can change your musical perspective as well as your outlook on life. That’s what’s so great about music. It grows, changes and has a life of its own.

SM:  Give me a list of the five things that are most important in your life.

LB: Family and friends, birds, happiness, entertainment and good health.

SM:  Where do you get your inspiration?

LB: Life gives you inspiration. We go through so many changes in our lives that can inspire you — whether it’s happiness, love or even sadness. I’ve been inspired musically by all of those things.

SM: Where and when do you do your best writing? Do you play an instrument — if so, what?

LB: (laughs) Blow drying my hair and in the shower. Also on planes, since I’m on them all the time. I play piano and have taken guitar lessons but I like to move around on stage so much I don’t play when performing. I may add that sometime in the future, but now I just love being on stage singing my heart out and moving to the music.

SM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LB: Living my dream. I always want to be singing, creating music and entertaining people. I absolutely love the stage, as well as acting. I adore the fans who come out to support me — nothing gives me more joy than to see them having a great experience from my music. I want to always be there for them.

SM: Laura, it has been a pleasure getting to know you… 

LB: Thanks! I really love living in Los Angeles – there is such diversity here, both artistically and culturally. It feels like a place where people come to follow their dreams. That’s me in a nutshell and I honestly feel like I’m home.

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