SingularCity Goes Mountain Biking

SingularCity Goes Mountain Biking


Fresh air, blue skies and beautiful views were in store for singular cyclists on Valentine’s Day.

SingularCity Goes Mountain Biking

On the morning of Sunday, February 14, SingularCity members got together to enjoy a beginner’s level mountain bike ride along the Westridge Fire Road in Brentwood. Organized by Mark Yee (DHJunkie), an avid mountain biker, the ride was perfect for those new to the sport, offering a taste of what it feels like to get onto unpaved territory and enjoy the crunch of bike tires on dirt roads.

“Something great about the sport is that you can make it as crazy or mellow as you’d like,” Yee said about his interest in organizing the ride. “We’re lucky in Southern California to have a variety of terrain for cyclists at every level. My whole goal in organizing a beginner ride was to get people to try the sport and show them how fun and easy it can be. Group rides are also the best way to get people involved.”

Darren J, a film and video editor, shot video along the way and put together a mini-movie of the adventure. “This was great,” Darren said about the bike ride. “Thanks to everyone for some good pointers on riding. Next time I hope my legs will have a bit more spring to them!”

The views were spectacular – all the way to Palos Verdes and into the San Fernando Valley – and because of the recent rains, wild flowers were blooming, and grass and leaves were brilliant green, giving our singular bike riders a preview of the coming Spring.

Because of the rainy weather, the ride moved from Sullivan Canyon to the higher and dryer Westridge Fireroad. Joining the 5-mile ride along the top of the Santa Monica Mountains were Kim Calvert (runskiroo), Linda Sherman (itsdifferentforgirls), BT (BT), Sarah Donahue (cyclingmoviegirl), Juli (Juligee), Dara (maetel999), Darren (Darren J), Fergal (Fergal) and Kelly (happy1).

L-R: Mark Yee, Fergal, Dara and Linda Sherman take on the hill.
Yee said he was concerned when he had to change the route because of the recent rains. “I was a little worried that the climbing involved on Westridge would scare off some people,” he said. “So I was thrilled that just about everybody in our group completed the full ride. The determination shown by everybody to complete the ride was the most satisfying part of the day for me as the group leader.

“I’m looking forward to the next ride,” said Yee. “It was a great turnout.”

The 2-hour ride was followed with lunch at the Brentwood Country Mart.

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