SingularCity Friends Celebrate the Spirit

SingularCity Friends Celebrate the Spirit


SingularCity members and friends covered a lot of territory — from Far East to near West this past week. We began on Saturday January 17th at the TruYoga studio in Santa Monica with a yoga class led by an inspired and expert instructor, Aras Baskauskas. Some of us were hesitant about participating as total novices, but we quickly relaxed under Aras’s non-judgmental guidance.

The most surprising lesson during the energizing and calming two-hour session was that it isn’t necessary to be “good” at yoga — that’s not the point of practicing this discipline. The objective is to get in touch with your inner spirit, accept yourself (including awkwardness, inability to bend like a pretzel or perch on one foot like a crane) and just “be.” A heady lesson indeed, but it helped us enjoy the experience and realize that we’re not in any sort of competition, including with ourselves.

Revitalized and limbered up, we then nurtured our inner rumblings with cheese, and organic wines and tea at the mixer that followed.

Inauguration Party — Spirit of 2009 — at the V-Lounge

The evening of Tuesday, January 20th was a celebration of a different sort, the exhilaration of the inauguration of President Obama. Singulars gathered at the V-Lounge in Santa Monica, in front of the humongous 133-inch TV, to replay the spectacular events of the day and then to follow the festivities of the Inaugural Balls with rejoicing — and dancing — of our own.

Sampling the Spirit (of the Vine) at Bottle Inn

On Wednesday January 21st, SingularCity got more “casual in the neighborhood” — a Hermosa Beach neighborhood, to be exact. We met at the family-run Bottle Inn, an intimate and warm little restaurant well known to locals for its home-style Italian cuisine and discerning and popular wine tasting events.

The establishment offered samples of an eclectic and unusual variety of wines from South Africa, different regions of Australia, Austria, Spain and California, and we munched on cheeses — a perfect balance of spirits in the best of company.

Be sure to check out our exciting groups and events in the SingularCity Community! You will find something for every taste and interest. Join like-minded Singulars in your city for discussion and activities.

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