SingularCity Featured Member: Marsha Collier

SingularCity Featured Member: Marsha Collier

SingularCity Featured Member: Marsha CollierScreen name: cre8iveFashion Sales & Raves Group Leader
Neighborhood: San Fernando Valley

Multi-tasking Collier is an author, radio host and speaker. In 1999, she wrote a series of books (over 30 including 7 foreign editions) in the For Dummies Series on running an eBay business and e-commerce – selling over a million copies. Her 2006 PBS program cemented her status as one of the world’s leading eBay experts. She currently co-hosts the Computer and Technology Radio Show with Marc and Marsha on and Northern California station KTRB. The committed fashionista leads the Fashion Sales & Raves group at

Q: Why are you so fond of eBay?

A: What I love about eBay is that I can shop for unique items without having to get in the car. Of course, I have my favorite shopping haunts in L.A., but sometimes I just don’t have the time to spare. I can see a dress at Neiman Marcus and turn around and buy it on eBay at a savings — that’s fun! I buy stuff for my house and even parts for my pool on eBay. You can also find great deals on very expensive items; people who are downsizing may sell their items on eBay in pristine condition at lower prices than we’d pay retail.

Q: What’s one techno gadget that you own and cannot live without?

A: That’s a tough one. I use a Sidekick LX rather than an iPhone — I’m always the renegade! I read my e-mail on it before I go to sleep and when I open my eyes in the morning. I use its camera more than I use my actual camera and IM with my friends when I’m not in the office. My iPod keeps all the music I hold dear — I could never part with that. Dish Network and my HD DVR? Nope, can’t get rid of that. It’s always stocked with entertainment when I have an hour or so to spare. That ties right in with my Wii; always fun to use when friends come over or to play with my Wii Fit (ancillary to my trainer at the gym). I travel with my Kindle (ebook reader). It’s full of good stuff to read. What I like most about it is that if I’m in a book store and I see a book that I want, I can purchase it and download it onto my Kindle through it’s wi-fi at a much reduced cost. (Not every book requires a permanent place in my library). My laptop is bound to me permanently. I try not to answer email on the sidekick and love the fact that I can find answers to almost any question in the universe on it.

Q: What is one crucial piece of advice that a multi-tasker like you could share with us so we can accomplish more and still enjoy life?

A: I’d say budget your time and do the most important things first. I’m afraid that organizing my closet is the last thing to get done! Stay in touch with friends and go out even when you don’t feel like it. New experiences are what make life special.

Q: When was the last time you took a vacation, where, and how would you describe the experience in a couple of sentences?

A: Vacation? Wow, what’s that? I travel constantly through my work. To do interviews, speaking engagements and meeting with people. I’ve been to every state but Alaska and Wyoming… and I have my favorite things in almost every city (Billings, Montana has some great bars and restaurants). There’s so much to see in this country – I always take time to do something special.

A couple of months ago I was on a very short trip to Miami and in the brief hours before my flight, I took a cab to the beach and waded in the ocean. I don’t like missing anything! Because I travel so much, (platinum status on American Airlines) my favorite vacation can be staying home and not answering the phone. We have such lovely weather that I can just sit by my pool and “be.” I have family in the UK and enjoy going there. London is a second home to me, as is New York. I think I know Manhattan better than I know LA – but then again – it is so much smaller.

Q: What do you love about LA?

A: It’s so vibrant. There’s always some place to go and something to do. Our theatre community — Ahmanson, Mark Taper, Kirk Douglas and all the boutique theatres provide an unending opportunity to see great plays and musicals. We have great museums and the great weather permits us to be out and about. A website like allows people to meet locally during their down time on their computers. It helps build a community in a city of busy people.

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