SingularCity Announces the Chefs Diet Winner

SingularCity Announces the Chefs Diet Winner


Steve St. John wins the big prize.
Steve St. John of Playa del Rey (screen name “Steve”) is the lucky winner of SingularCity’s Chefs Diet contest! The prize: 31 days of fresh healthy food — three meals and two snacks — delivered daily to his doorstep in an insulated thermal container and ready to eat or pop into the microwave. The meals, prepared by imaginative chefs who use high quality, fresh ingredients, are never flash frozen or freeze-dried. Each daily delivery is formulated according to the award-winning “Zone” diet, developed by Dr. Barry Sears, but in the Chefs Diet offerings, healthy is synonymous with mouth-wateringly delectable.

Steve is going to eat his way to health — while taking time off from kitchen and grocery shopping duty. Congratulations!

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