SingularCity and The Hub Get Connected

SingularCity and The Hub Get Connected


There are plenty of singles events in Los Angeles, but this one was for singulars: savvy single people who enjoy their independent lifestyle.

SingularCity members try out a Power Yoga class at the Get Connected party at The Hub.
Members and guests of the SingularCity’s online community had a chance to “get connected” at The Hub on Sunday, an upscale yoga and meditation studio in West Los Angeles.

The event was an opportunity to meet the people behind the profiles on the SingularCity social networking website, experience a variety of yoga and meditation practices, and enjoy refreshments made by Darshana Thacker of Vapika Spirit.

Just a few of the SingularCity members who showed up for an afternoon of yoga classes, vegan delicacies and fun at The Hub.
“I’m really glad I came,” said Alison Hyon (alihyon). “I joined SingularCity a year and a half ago and finally made it to one of the events.”

Hyon said what appealed to her about this particular event was the structure. “I liked that there were the different classes to try,” she said. “It wasn’t like just walking into a room and not knowing anyone. Everyone was so friendly. I’m definitely going to start coming to more SingularCity activities.”

Classes offered at the event included Power/Acro Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Liquid Asana and Breathwork. It was relaxing, no pressure way to sample various types of yoga and meditation practices.

Lauri Ashworth, the founder of The Hub with Kim Calvert, editor of Singular magazine.
Singular Lauri Ashworth founded The Hub about two years ago. Her goal is to bring the healing power of yoga and meditation to the Westside community. “Yoga lets you experience a connection to spirit,” she says. “It nurtures your soul.”

Ashworth suggests that people explore yoga and avoid locking into one thing, or they might miss an opportunity to go deeper. Committing to four weeks, with two classes a week, or even one class a week is a good way to start. “After a month people will notice a tremendous difference,” she says. “You’ll be more flexible, you’ll have more lung capacity and you’ll know what it feels like to quiet your mind.”

SingularCity member Sam Dixon, one of the winners in the drawing, gets his prize from The Hub’s Lauri Ashworth.
Sam Dixon (SympoSam) was another SingularCity member attending a Singular event for the first time. He learned about Singular after seeing a Singular magazine at his uncle’s house, liked the idea and decided to join the SingularCity online community.

“The concept that you can be single and still enjoy and lead a successful life is what really got me interested in being part of this,” Dixon said. “I’m looking forward to getting more involved with SingularCity in the future. It’s a really positive thing.”

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