Singular Magazine Wins Prestigious Award

Singular Wins Prestigious Award


Gold Ozzie Award from Folio magazine recognizes Best Design in a New Consumer Magazine – with a nod to singulars everywhere!

Singular Magazine Wins Prestigious Award

I received some very exciting news this week! Singular magazine won the Ozzie Award from Folio magazine for Best Design New Magazine, Consumer.

Folio is the only publication that serves the entire magazine industry. It is the trade magazine for publishing professionals from all sectors, including business-to-business, consumer, association, city and regional. The award recognizes excellence in magazine design and according to Folio, “is a prestigious designation bestowed to only the best magazine editorial and creative teams.”

I’m thrilled that we won the award because, believe me, we poured our hearts and souls into making Singular magazine as beautiful as the people we created it for: YOU.

But what I’m most thrilled about is the fact that winning this award is another sign of the dramatic shift I’m seeing in the way we single people are being perceived. Although stereotypes die hard, the world is finally beginning to recognize that single people are a growing and powerful segment of our communities – worldwide.

Being single is no longer a “less-than” state before getting married. Singlehood is a time of great self-discovery and independence. Winning this award is yet another step forward in bringing a fresh new view of what it means to be single: sexy, savvy and successful. Congratulations to us all!

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