Singular Athletes: Dr. Peter Fields, the Triathlon Doc

Singular Athletes: Dr. Peter Fields, the Triathlon Doc


Singular Athletes: Dr. Peter Fields, the Triathlon Doc
Known to his friends and patients as “the athletic doc,” Peter Fields, 54, a medical doctor and chiropractor, gets up at 5:30 in the morning so he can work out for a couple of hours before beginning a busy day at his clinic in Santa Monica. He saves the “long stuff” for the weekends — like a four-hour 80-mile bike ride on Saturday and another four hours of swimming and running on Sunday.

He says he does it for the joy of life. “It’s a free feeling,” he says, “to be out there doing your own thing, not confined to a room — you feel it down to your soul.”

Peter grew up playing sports, and when he was in college he would run to his classes or ride his bike back and forth from campus. During his residency, after working 24 to 40 hours straight, he would get some sleep and then go out for a long run. He heard about a 10K race and entered.
It’s a free feeling … you feel it down to your soul

Shortly after that, a friend suggested he try a triathlon. Peter figured with swimming, biking and running, it would be three times the fun. He did his first one on his 30th birthday and was hooked. “Training is fun, but the races are the icing on the cake.”

Peter enjoys the challenge of keeping in shape, the feeling of being physically fit — and doing it outdoors, not in a gym. “I think it’s keeping me younger,” Peter says. “I look better. I feel better. And it’s not just for me, it inspires my patients. It’s best to lead by example.”

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