Singles Need to Stop Whining and Start Living

Singles Need to Stop Whining and Start Living


Stop complaining about being single, the cost of dating, the shortage of available dates. Start enjoying life. If a mate happens great, if not, that’s fine too.

Singles Need to Stop Whining and Start Living

On Christmas Eve 1993, my wife of six years cleaned out the house and moved out of my life. I was surprised, bitter and angry. I inked those sentiments into a journal.

Soon after, when I started to date, I became frustrated. I whined about being alone, the cost of dating and that younger women wouldn’t go out with me. Those frustrations were added to the journal.

Six months later, based on the notes I’d written, I submitted a proposal to the two female editors of the Dana Point News to write a dating-after-50 column from the male perspective.

When the editors reviewed my material, they rubbed their hands together and said, “Oh boy, this is juicy.” They felt women would be entertained by my pathetic “Poor me, I’m a deserted single man, I got dumped” and “I feel sorry for myself” messages.

My first column was called, “Home alone with only the dogs for company” – a real “woe is me” tissue filler.

The editors were right. Single women had a field day reading those early columns. One woman wrote, “Who is this sniveling puke?” Another said, “Hey jerk, try dating women your own age.” It was Tom vs. the single women of O.C.

In the 16 years since, I’ve changed my tune from whining about single middle-aged and senior women to sympathizing with their plight. Why? In pursuing partners, they have it much tougher than single men, based on numbers alone. At age 65, there are almost three single women to each single man.

I feel men who complain that they can’t meet suitable mates aren’t trying. Responding to one of my recent columns, Dan said: “Is it me or do so many women write about the same thing: ‘Meeting eligible single men is a challenge for women 50-plus’?

“In defense of us with the ‘other’ chromosome, meeting eligible single women is also a challenge for men 50-plus. I’m out there following all of your good suggestions, enjoying life, family and friendships. I hope I will soon find the perfect mate to share it with.

“Oh, by the way, Tom, where are all the good women?”

One of my column’s dredged up a decade of harbored anger from a guy named Don: “Since my divorce from a woman I was with for 22 years, who ran back to her ex-boyfriend as soon as the kids were raised (ours and his), I have been in self-exploration mode: ‘How could this guy be so good and I so screwed up that she would leave me?’

“I co-birthed both our children (born at home) and helped her out of her messes. I worked for a jerk for our first 14 years to pay for the house she wanted, cars we needed, clothing and food, while she picked her hours (15 a week part time) so she could spend time with the kids.

“I finally was laid off and started my own business, which I still have to this day. It bought the farm where she and I always wanted to raise our kids. On the farm we had some ducks – ee-i-ee-i-oh! – and horses and sheep and chickens and rabbits and a lot of manure! And that’s the part I got!

“Ten years went by, she bailed out, leaving me alone on the farm to handle the bills, the animals, the memories – the residue of 22 years of Life 101.

“Am I mad? Well, any good man would be, but after years of chewing on something, you either spit it out or choke to death. So I’ve gotten on with my life.”

But has he?

Don dwelled even more about the dirt his wife dished him before bashing modern women pretty thoroughly.

Don ended with: “So tell me, dear female subscribers and fishers of men, what is good?”

As older singles, we have to get over the dirt we’ve been dished in the past and stop blaming the opposite sex for the miserable state of singleness in which we may find ourselves. Lest we forget, it took two to tango.

We need to stop asking, “Where are the good men?” and “Where are the good women?”

If we really, sincerely, want a mate (men say they do, but many aren’t willing to compromise), it’s up to us as singles to find him or her without making excuses by blaming the system or the opposite sex for making the pursuit so difficult. Finding a mate is within our grasp if we’re willing to make the effort.

Text copyright © 2010 Tom Blake

Tom BlakeTom Blake is an expert on dating after 50 and has written more than 2,217 newspaper articles from the male-point-of-view on dating and finding love after 50. After 17 years of writing for the Orange County Register, in March, 2011, Tom switched to a syndicate of newspapers owned by Picket Fence Media and has made multiple appearances on the Today Show and Good Morning America. He has been a keynote speaker at several AARP national events. His websites include:
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