A Single Woman in Los Angeles

A Single Woman in Los Angeles


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a single female dating in Los Angeles? In a word: “Next!”

A Single Woman in Los Angeles

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In my younger years, I used to take what people said to heart when it came to the opinions about the ticking sound of my biological clock. “Don’t you want someone to grow old with?” they’d say. “You better find someone to love you, before it’s too late.” So I did what most of us do — I tried online dating.

Prospective dates would usually involve at least one e-mail exchange followed up by a phone call. But lately, and maybe it’s because I’m no longer under 35, the prospects have dwindled. Most of the men who are interested in me are much older and looking for someone to look after them, like a caregiver or something. I’m going to pretend it’s not because I’m Asian …

Meanwhile, men closer to my age are chasing girls who are 20 years younger just because it’s Los Angeles and that’s what they do — as the rule, not the exception. A lot of men in L.A. have attractive bank accounts which can be so enticing to a much younger female. Other than that, it seems that most men are putting less effort into their online dating efforts than ever before. They don’t read the profiles, they send mass e-mails with the same thing, they say nothing intriguing, have no depth — but they do think your pics and smile are nice and would love to chat with you sometime … if you’re interested. Wink.

Most of my friends keep pushing me to date because I have the best and most unbelievable first date stories. It could be anything from the guy who drank an entire bottle of wine and while talking about the elasticity of his cousin’s testicles, to another guy who took off his sock and smelled his foot in front of me.

Another guy asked me out for coffee and within 30 minutes was asking me if I had an IRA and how much money was in it? This particular 38-year-old guy had a brand-spanking-new Mercedes CLS 500 that his mommy co-signed for, not because he needed her too, he just wanted her too.

Another single guy in L.A. invited me out for lunch. All he wanted to talk about was cleanses, that’s what we do you know. As our meal arrived, he thought it was the opportune moment to tell me how he was sitting on the toilet during the last earthquake and was jolted off the seat during mid-movement, details and all. The reason for this information was because the stench was horrific, due to the cleanse. Needless to say, these men never got a second date.

In the end, I always encounter someone who read “that book” that told them how they should treat me in order to hook me. Don’t call me for three days, wait until the end of the day to return my call or text, be unavailable, don’t act interested, in other words, be a jerk. Not being able to hook me organically is not very impressive and I find all those games to be simply dumb. A lot of men say they want an intelligent woman, but can’t seem to make the connection that an intelligent woman will see through their games, precisely because she is smart.

It seems that even the better quality men I meet are in a race to find the next best thing. Los Angeles is full of celebrities, glamour, and the quest for more. Many men seem to find it difficult to stay focused on developing a relationship, or simply dating one person for more than six months. I guess in some ways I’m just as bad as they are. The minute they start to become fickle, I’m moving on… “Next!”

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Tricia MaxxTricia Maxx is a southern belle who spent half her life bouncing back and forth between Tennessee and Georgia. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as a culinary professional and is the owner of a small book production business. After publishing her first book, “How to Hate Less, Date Better, and Love Always,” she decided to help aspiring authors by offering her services to writers working with small budgets. She spends her Friday evenings cooking fantastic food with her team in a West Hollywood soup kitchen to feed those in need. 
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One thought on “A Single Woman in Los Angeles

  1. I laughed out lound at that testicle elasticity story… I share your pain in the hardship of navigating the dating scene in LA. Whenever I travel to Europe and meet women, I’m constantly reminded at the fact that real genuine people exist and LA is not the norm. It’s refreshing to meet women who can articulate thoughts on phylisophy, religion, politics… on a recent date in LA, my companion insisted that Montreal was NOT in North America and disliked Japanese nationals because they didn’t speak English. Where else could one find such minds?

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