Single Swedes Celebrate

Single Swedes Celebrate


3,000 Swedish singulars make a stand for the empowerment of singles.

3,000 Swedish singulars make a stand for the empowerment of singles.

The tiny town of Strangnasin in the center of the Sweden was the epicenter for a celebration thrown by 3,000 Swedish singles who gathered together on October 3 to celebrate their unattached status and collectively announce that finding a partner was not necessarily a high priority on their list. The all-day event featured Salsa classes, massage, wine-tasting, golf and disco dancing.

Maria Kjell, leading the way for Swedish singulars.Called “Sweden’s Biggest Singles Party” the event was the inspiration of a Maria Kjell, a 44-year-old divorced mother of three. Kjell says her singular status is simply because she enjoys her freedom. “I can go wherever I want and do whatever I choose – I don’t have to ask anybody. If I’m in a relationship and it’s not really good I always feel bad when I do things for myself.”

Kjell and her 3,000 single friends are yet another indication of the global singles empowerment movement made up of people who believe they can enjoy their life without needing a full-time companion. Kjell said her idea for her own singular movement came when she noticed how many singles tend to wallow in self-pity because they’ve been taught to believe they cannot be happy unless they have a spouse.

“Some people are ashamed to be single and can’t enjoy it because they are bitter, sad and stuck in a period of suffering,” Kjell said. “There are those who have been married for 20-something years who have only had a social life with couples. When they become single, they don’t get invited out anymore.”

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