Single and Feeling Flirty?

Single and Feeling Flirty?


Try topping your ‘do with these David & Young accessories that look like a cute hat, but stay put on your head without mussing your hair.

Single and Feeling Flirty?

When we were little girls, we loved trying on our mother’s hats. Nothing felt more grown up than stepping into mommy’s high heel shoes, donning a pair of white cotton gloves and perching a jeweled or feathered hat on our heads. Back then, bouffant hairdos and a big hatpin provided a steady platform for hats to stay in place – but these days, who can be bothered with potential wardrobe and hair-do malfunctions that come with wearing hats ― until now.

Red Knit David and Young HatDavid & Young has created an adorable line of hair accessories, held in place with a discreet headband that makes them look just like a hat that’s stylishly perched on your head. The headband keeps the “hat” just where you like so it can be worn throughout the day or evening, without worries that it will slip out of place or leaving you with a dreaded case of “hat hair.”

D & Y hats and their other accessories are seen regularly on such hit shows as “Gossip Girls,” where they are worn by Leighton Meester and other actresses in the cast, as well as on trendsetters such as Anna Lynne McCord of “90210” and one of our favorite singular gals, Grammy-winner Taylor Swift.

They come in a wide range of styles and colors, from casual to elegant and make a sexy fashion statement for women of all ages with feathers, lacey floral designs, strands of ostrich plum, peacock feathers, crystals, star shaped designs and even knit detailing.

We recommend getting a collection and then discovering the flirt power packed in these hair accessories that look like a hat – but aren’t.

3 Hats from David Young

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