Scary Good Fun for SingularCity Members and Friends

Scary Good Fun for SingularCity Members and Friends


Halloween party in a real haunted house gives Los Angeles singles a sweet way to celebrate with spirits, magic and old-fashioned fun.

Feeling a bit devilish, SingularCity member Ely finds a comfortable spot between Evelyn and Michi.
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SingularCity’s Halloween party on Saturday, October 30 provided a delightful departure from the norm with an event held in a private residence reputed to be haunted. Guests were turned loose to wander the premises that offered a variety of intriguing rooms, hallways, and an enormous backyard that seemed magically transformed into a spooky yet engaging environment that included dancing, a DJ and a dangerous bartender in a giant cage.

“It was fun,” said Mark Korsmo (screen name Aurelius) who was attending his first SingularCity event. “People were friendly and open. Party stuff was right-on.”

SingularCity members BT, Adryn and Paolo.
Leslie Soutanian (screen name lasoul), who won two tickets to the event in the SingularCity Scary Movie Trivia Contest, said she loved the whole party. “They did an amazing job in transforming the house and backyard — didn’t miss one detail! I loved the magician and the palm reader. They were both top notch! I met some very nice people.”

Inside the haunted house, Halloween revelers enjoyed baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, slaw, roasted potatoes and baked beans from Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs. And for those ghoulies with a sweet tooth (or fang) there was red velvet, pumpkin spice and chocolate cupcakes from Jamaica’s Cakes, along with strawberry streusel and pecan bars.

Of course, to wash it all down, chardonnay, cabernet and pinot noir from HobNob Wines, a glowing blue witches brew and other thirst quenching drinks.

Singular bartender Amanda awaits her next victim … mmm … customer.
The event helped raise funds for Forte Animal Rescue with Forte founder and SingularCity member Marie Atake and Forte volunteer Tracy Meyers selling tickets for an authentic consultation with a professional psychic. The event raised much needed donations for Forte, with Singular guests lining up to find out their future from psychic Dorothy, who did readings from a tent set up on the big wrap-around porch of the haunted house.

Marie Atake, founder of Forte Animal Rescue, Forte volunteer Tracy Myers, and David Loudenback.
Magician, actor and comedian Brandon Scott entertained the crowd with a magic show of the same caliber seen at his frequent performances at the Magic Castle. (How does he get that card inside that chili pepper!?) Brandon later entertained Singular guests with close-up illusions that seemed impossible to accomplish — even when you do know the trick to the treat.

“I thought it was a great party,” said David Loudenback (screen name davloud) who recently joined SingularCity after meeting members of the SingularCity hiking group on a recent Sunday afternoon hike. “I can’t believe all of the details that were included. My only problem is going to be not recognizing the people I met without their costume/makeup.”

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