Rowbics: No Boat Required

Rowbics: No Boat Required


Whatever floats your boat, you’re likely to find an exercise wave with your name on it. One of the newest – and possibly one of the most effective too, according to those who’ve tried it – is Rowbics, or, as Sports Club LA calls it, Indo-Row – group indoor rowing.

Solo rowing can be tedious, with no ocean view, but group rowing is buoyed up with the energy of those around you moving their faux water vehicles in tempo with yours.

The sport involves the use of Concept2 machines, affectionately called “the erg” – short for ergometer, which measures a user’s speed and power. The non-weight-bearing aspect of rowing is suitable for all levels of fitness. It tones every major muscle group and burns up to 600 to 700 calories per hour.

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