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Whether it be for a girls’ night out, a comfy night at home, or even a business meeting, a flannel shirt with the right accessories can provide a signature look to your wardrobe.

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These days, a girls’ night out for me usually involves going to a cafe or a bar and sharing stories with the gang. It’s an opportunity to hang loose and confide with my female friends. I’m not there to impress or put a message across, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look great either. It’s kind of a weird dynamic that only women will understand.

Flannel is a kind of clothing that just seems to fit perfectly in these kinds of situations. Remember the early 2010s when flannel plaid was all the rage among the hipsterdom? Its classic casual look was everywhere. While you may be avoiding your flannel now in fear of looking like a time traveler from 2012, there are still creative ways to rock that flannel shirt.

One of them is wearing an oversized flannel. This is, after all, best worn with some wiggle room. An oversized shirt takes the casualness up a notch higher. I prefer using it as a layer over another shirt, preferably a white tee. Unlike wooly sweaters, flannels are perfect for multiple layering, and you don’t have to highlight the plaid as your outfit’s centerpiece. Putting it under a leather or denim jacket or even a graphic tee can work, as the dash of plaid can act as an accent. You could also tuck it in or pull up the sleeves to prevent a lousy look, especially as it is already oversized. This trend still seems to be continuing, so updating your look with a grunge-y oversized flannel shirt wouldn’t seem like an anachronism.

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We don’t usually think of flannel as business wear, but it’s actually something that you can pull off. Plaid tones down the serious look, so if you’re not comfortable going full casual, this middle ground is an option. Marie Claire even suggests wearing it with corduroy pants or a skirt, tucking or half-tucking your top, especially if you pair it with a classy handbag, a pair of pointed toe pumps, or even some heels to achieve the look.

The ’90s is back, and so are bold choices, so there is also nothing wrong in adding a little pizzazz to your outfit. You can rock a neon-colored flannel shirt to add some edge to your top. Woman Within has a variety of flannel shirts in popular colors, including bright pink and bright berry. The striking color can add a youthful vibe to your outfit. If your gang is open to some wild ideas for the night, say, a trip to the club, neon hues will fit right in.

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Flannel can be worn in a lot of different ways and it has a practically ageless look. Just let your imagination run wild and don’t hesitate in trying out new things. It’s a girls’ night out, so it’s all about letting loose and being comfortable.

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