New Year’s Resolutions that Work

December 27th, 2019By Marnie Macauley

Advice guru Marnie Macauley has tips for coming up with your New Year’s resolutions that are guaranteed to keep your 2020 goals simple and on track.

Ho Ho Ho and Oy Vey!

December 5th, 2019By Marnie Macauley

So many gifts to buy! Marnie, our Singular advice guru, has some tips to keep your gift shopping experience manageable and maybe even fun this year.

Art Smarts

June 5th, 2019By Marnie Macauley

Have artistic talent but not sure if you should take the risk and put it out there for the world to see (and judge)? Ask Marnie!

When Friends Turn into Foes

February 5th, 2019By Marnie Macauley

Friends, the people you trust and hold close to your heart — just the place where a fake friend can cause the most damage.

Holiday Stress – Singular Style

December 2nd, 2018By Marnie Macauley

Rarely are there occasions in the year that are at once so joyous and yet so “oy-ous” as the Christmas holiday season.

The Art of Being Polite

October 1st, 2018By Marnie Macauley

The rules of etiquette come and go, changing to fit the times but what remains forever timeless is the art of being polite.

The Art of the Schmooze

May 16th, 2018By Marnie Macauley

Conversation isn’t just “small talk.” It can open doors to opportunities and friendships – maybe even that next romantic relationship.

The Singular Art of Letter Writing

March 16th, 2018By Marnie Macauley

Putting an actual pen to paper and communicating your feelings with complete words, sentences, even paragraphs – imagine the possibilities.