Naughty Neighbors

August 1st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Getting along with your neighbors can mean the difference between serenity and insanity. We have advice to keep the peace with the people next door.

Doggie Decorum

June 28th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Got dogs? Advice guru Marnie Macauley tries to teach dog owners some new tricks.

Guilty — or Not?

June 1st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Guilt is a weight that can crush you, whether you deserve it or not. Let’s see what our singles advice guru has to say about dealing with guilt.

Sisters – Siblings of the Fearsome Female Kind

April 6th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Sibling rivalry can find fertile ground when you have females, known as sisters, growing up under the same roof.

On the Job

March 9th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

From age 20-65, the average American works 40 hours a week. That adds up to 10.3 years spent on the job. Make your years at work worth your while.

Valentine’s Day – Single Style

February 9th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Valentine’s Day is all hype with no substance. As we singles in Los Angeles grow in numbers, it’s losing its mojo and certainly not worth getting upset about.

Losing Your Job without Losing Your Dignity

January 26th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Our identity can be wrapped up in what we do for a living. Lose a job and it can feel like we’ve lost ourselves — just when we need to be self-possessed.

New Year’s Resolutions for Singles

January 1st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Instead of resolving to lose 10 pounds how about a resolution to lose those old ideas about being single in Los Angeles and adopt a new plan for successful single living?