Tantalizing Tantra

December 27th, 2019By Jack Boulware

Tantra is more than just being able to make love for hours, some say that tantric sex can be the fulfillment of your highest cosmic consciousness.

Single and Seeking an Arrangement

May 31st, 2016By Niki Payne

There’s a fine line between “sugar baby” and sex worker, but controversial dating website SeekingArrangement.com, does its best to explain the difference.

Do Short Men Finish Last?

February 9th, 2015By Nadia Dulyn

The tall and the short of it: most women prefer taller men, even though it’s the shorter guys who often make the best long-term partners.

Advice for Modern Dating

June 17th, 2013By Niki Payne

Forget everything you thought you knew about modern dating. The rules have changed: sex comes first, then the date, and maybe then, a relationship.

The Myth of the Perfect Catch

March 4th, 2013By Edward Lewine

It’s not just singles in Los Angeles who’ve dreamed of finding the perfect catch. It’s one of the most seductive ideas in our culture. Just be careful what you wish for …

International Dating Survey

July 30th, 2012

Findings based on over 3,000 dating singles from the United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Canada.

Singles Survey on Love, Food and Booze

July 9th, 2012

Today.com teams up with Match.com to connect the dots between eating, drinking and connecting during those first few impressionable dates.

You Did What on the First Date?

May 7th, 2012By Kim Calvert

A romantic relationship with a man can be difficult to achieve when you have sex – and that includes what Clinton did with Lewinski – on the first date.