Online Dating Scam

October 15th, 2011By Allan Lengel

Accused romance scammer Mitchell Gross won’t make you feel better about looking for love online.

Video Pick – Brian Boshes Comedy Routine

September 11th, 2011

Watch this funny video clip with stand-up comedian Brian Boshes as he talks about trying to find a girlfriend with J date and other online dating dilemmas faced by single men.

Bizarre Places to Find Dates Online

September 4th, 2011By Courtney Boyd Myers

Whatever your thing, from tattoos to teddy bears, there is a matchmaking website created just for you.

Rules for Friends with Benefits

July 24th, 2011By Kelly Seal

The idea of no strings attached sex with an opposite sex friend may sound like a good idea, but in real life, not to so easy to pull off. – May Not Be an Oasis for Singles After All

February 27th, 2011

Class action suits allege that over half of the dating site’s profiles are inactive or downright fake.

Online Dating Tips for Single Pet People

January 1st, 2011By Marva Marrow

It’s a jungle out there in the dating world, but who would have thought that Jane would kick up such a fuss about Tarzan’s menagerie?

Sugar Daddy Sites Push Line on Paid Sex

December 5th, 2010By K. Aleisha Fetters

Growing number of matchmaking sites, for wealthy men and younger single women, adopt procedures to separate themselves from illegal prostitution sites.

Online Dating Tips for Busy Executives

November 14th, 2010

Learning to manage your dating life like you manage your business life can make matchmaking websites and online dating more effective and fun.