Looking for The One

February 27th, 2018By Kim Calvert

These days, the process of looking for a new home, whether to rent or to buy, is very similar to looking for the one we want to date, mate or even marry.

Faking It

January 3rd, 2018By Cara Adelman

Orgasms – Is it easier just to fake it and make him happy rather than say or do what it takes to achieve satisfaction?

Online Dating Really Sucks – Your Time

December 12th, 2017By Diane Mapes

It used to be so easy to peruse romantic possibilities in your bathrobe, so why did they have to make it so complicated?

The Single Best Relationship I Ever Had

February 5th, 2017By Diane Mapes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remember that from now until the end of time, I’ll always have a candy heart in my corner that reads I-M-The-1-4-Me.

Try Dating for a Real Job Experience

September 17th, 2016By Mark Miller

Dating offers a lot of practical career experience. Find out how with this wry look at extracurricular activities — and their unexpected perks.

A Single Woman in Los Angeles

May 5th, 2014By Tricia Maxx

Being Single in Los Angeles – Ever wonder what it’s like to be a single female dating in Los Angeles? In a word: “Next!”

Video Pick: Single White Feline

March 4th, 2013

Check out this funny video from BBC Comedy that shows a single woman wondering why her boyfriends mysteriously disappear.

Pondering Polyandry

September 19th, 2012By Fontaine J. Marsi

If I were to ever sacrifice my single life it couldn’t be to just one man. But polyandry and a few “brother-husbands” might just do the trick.