Why Men Lie to Women

February 5th, 2017By Kim Calvert

Telling lies isn’t gender-specific, but have you ever noticed how some of the nicest guys will tell the women they like the biggest lies?

More than One Kind of Relationship

November 7th, 2016By Natalya Jones

Single people are in relationships — with their families, friends, co-workers and themselves — and each type of relationship needs special care and attention.

Stop Trying So Hard to Find “The One”

August 18th, 2016By Erin Tillman

In fairy tales, his name is Prince Charming, in today’s world he’s called “the one” and in both cases the character is more fiction than fact.

Happily Single — Socially Connected

July 18th, 2016By Camille Virginia

When I made a choice to acknowledge the people around me, even in a small way, my whole world changed from feeling isolated to being connected.

Warning, Contents May Settle

June 21st, 2016By Leslie Talbot

When you settle for an unhappy relationship, to avoid being single, you cheat yourself and your partner out of having the relationship you both used to dream about.

Single and Seeking an Arrangement

May 31st, 2016By Niki Payne

There’s a fine line between “sugar baby” and sex worker, but controversial dating website SeekingArrangement.com, does its best to explain the difference.

When the One That Got Away Comes Back

February 14th, 2016By Julie Spira

Singles in dating mode can spend considerable time looking for love, but more often than not, love finds them — and often when they least expect it.

Parable of the Sun and the Wind

January 21st, 2016By Kim Calvert

I heard a nugget of wisdom the other day and although the speaker was referring to romance, I realized her advice could benefit all my relationships.