When the One That Got Away Comes Back

February 11th, 2016By Julie Spira

Singles in dating mode can spend considerable time looking for love, but more often than not, love finds them — and often when they least expect it.

Simon Says, Volume 3

January 22nd, 2016By Simon

Our stylish English gentleman is back with candid advice for readers’ questions on sexual compatibility, too many cats and wine country gaffs.

Parable of the Sun and the Wind

January 21st, 2016By Kim Calvert

I heard a nugget of wisdom the other day and although the speaker was referring to romance, I realized her advice could benefit all my relationships.

Hooray for Hollywood!

January 2nd, 2016By Marnie Macauley

Show biz is a tricky trade, ripe with temptation, but for those deep in the real deal, wide-eyed awareness is needed to avoid a fall through the stage trap door.

Holiday Stress – Singular Style

December 15th, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Rarely are there occasions in the year that are at once so joyous and yet so “oy-ous” as the Christmas holiday season.

The 30-Day Cure for a Broken Heart

December 15th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder — along with the realization that being single is better than being stuck in a bad relationship.

Dating Site Dilemmas

December 1st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

If you’re single, chances are you’ve dipped into online dating sites that promise pearls, but more often than not, only deliver rocks.

Drumming in Thanksgiving

November 22nd, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Singles advice guru Marnie Macauley has humorous and savvy solutions for relationship problems that arise as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.