Does Marriage Civilize Men?

May 31st, 2016

An article in the Atlantic claims that marriage is needed to civilize men. Well, if being civilized means you ignore your friends, I want to be a barbarian.

Marriage: Rest in Peace

April 5th, 2016By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Getting married used to be the inevitable next step to adulthood. But that’s no longer the case as people find the freedom live the life that suits them best.

Hate Being Single?

December 29th, 2015By Rachel A. Buddeberg

A fiery free spirit who enjoys the single life might not be your thing, but you can be happy if you’re not coupled, with these helpful ideas.

Are Single People Stronger?

December 7th, 2015By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Living in a world where couples rule could make singles more resilient than those who depend on a spouse.

Can Married People Be Happy?

October 19th, 2015By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

The Atlantic magazine goes to the Aspen Ideas Festival and asks “the experts” to comment on a question we find insulting: “Can single people be happy?”

Stepping It Up: Step Parent Advice

August 31st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Thinking of moving in together? If you have kids from a previous relationship, there’s more than just two hearts to think about.

Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own

May 4th, 2015By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Singles expert Bella DePaulo reviews Spinster the must-read book that explores what it’s like to enjoy being single while also wanting to be coupled.

Do Married People Wish They Were Single?

January 12th, 2015By Bella DePaulo

Survey shows that even among people who think they have found their “soul mate,” some still wish they were single again.