Waiting to Tie the Knot

January 12th, 2020By Taylor McAvoy

There was a time when women went to college to get a “Mrs. Degree” but as gender equality moves toward reality, the rush to marry has begun to fade.

The Choice to Marry – or Not

September 18th, 2017By Louise Harper

Marriage equality legislation gives more people the option to get married, but why is it that we still have such a hard time if we choose to stay single?

We’re Single, So What?

August 3rd, 2017By Joan DelFattore

Most of us enjoy traveling solo. Please, don’t feel sorry, worry or make special arrangements. We don’t need support from our coupled companions.

The Happy Single

July 8th, 2017By Cathy Zukimoto

Funny how you can wake up one day and realize how much you enjoy being single despite people telling you it just isn’t so.

D’oh! Singlism on The Simpsons

June 1st, 2017By Craig Wynne

It’s subtle and often not even noticed, but even in The Simpsons, the single characters are the ones you wouldn’t want to be.

More than One Kind of Relationship

November 7th, 2016By Natalya Jones

Single people are in relationships — with their families, friends, co-workers and themselves — and each type of relationship needs special care and attention.

Singles Discrimination in the Academic World

March 1st, 2016By Craig Wynne, Ph.D.

Academics are supposed to be open minded, explore unconventional ideas and question cultural norms – so why are they stuck on what it means to be single?

Staying Married – An Accomplishment?

February 14th, 2016By Kristin Noreen

People make a big deal over wedding anniversaries as if the couple had achieved something astounding for staying married. I don’t get it.