George Clooney – Single and Loving It

September 12th, 2010By Stephen Dalton

If being “singular” means being sexy, savvy, independent, adventurous and single, no man does it better than George Clooney.

Mom’s the Word

September 5th, 2010By Sorina Diaconescu

Meet Catt Sadler, divorced single mom raising two sons, dabbling in dating and balancing all with her job as the host of the E! Network’s Daily 10 show.

What Some Celebrities Think of the “M” Word

August 15th, 2010

Celebrities like George Clooney and Cameron Diaz, are among many stars that prefer the freedom of living the single life and tell us why the like being single.

Betty White: America’s Hottest Senior Singular

July 11th, 2010By Stephen Dalton

Happily single at 88, Betty White is having the time of her life with a new TV series, a new movie and a 2011 calendar surrounded by hunky bachelors.

Singular by Design

March 21st, 2010By Emili Vesilind

Melissa Coker of Wren and David Hershberger of Endovanera – successful, savvy and single fashion designers we love.

Singular Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone

March 7th, 2010By Deborah Schoeneman

We turn the tables on the Take Home Chef as he takes us into his home and into his heart.

Simon Cowell: Sexy, Savvy, Single and About to be a Billionaire

February 14th, 2010By Stephen Dalton

His plan to leave American Idol and launch the U.S. version of The X Factor will likely keep this busy bachelor’s single status intact.

Singular Serena Williams Is No. 1, and She Deserves It

November 8th, 2009By Greg Couch

You saw her transform from Grand Slam to Glam in the summer issue of Singular magazine, and now this happily single tennis star is finishing the season as best female tennis player in the world.