Singles in Los Angeles: Sienna Sinclaire

October 29th, 2012By Kim Calvert

The singular author of Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles wants to teach women how to enjoy the sexy side of the city and to discover their sexual power.

Meet Single Comedian Sean Morey

January 1st, 2012

This single dad has one of the toughest jobs ever: standup comedy. Learn more about Sean and watch his funny video The Man Song, a morning radio hit.

Stefan Richter, Singular Celebrity Chef

October 15th, 2011By Kim Calvert

Meet the man who many say should have won Top Chef Season 5 — but as far as he’s concerned, he couldn’t care less.

Ali Brown – Singular Self-Made Millionaire

September 11th, 2011By Kim Calvert

This single lady (with cats) found her purpose teaching women how to build a successful business without sacrificing their quality of life.

Meet Champion German Pilot Matthias Dolderer

May 30th, 2011By Barbara Bloom

This single man is living his dreams by setting records in anything that flies.

Singular Profile: Pax Prentiss

April 25th, 2011By Kim Calvert

Meet the single dad, former heroin addict and co-founder of Passages Malibu, the most controversial and luxurious addiction-treatment center in the world.

Singular Profile: Brandon Jay Scott

January 16th, 2011By Kim Calvert

Meet this Los Angeles magician, actor, comedian and musician who loves what he does and wants to do more.

Cavalia: A Love for Horses, Nature and Human Imagination

January 1st, 2011By Kim Calvert

Normand Latourelle, founder and artistic director of Cavalia, creates a show made to touch the hearts of urban dwellers.