Little Luxuries When You’re Single

September 27th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Despite the old stereotypes about being single, we’re not any more selfish than our married friends, but we can be stingy — with ourselves.

Katharine Hepburn’s Singular Style

September 14th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Being singular is an attitude of fierce independence and a conscious choice to follow your heart – a way of life for one of America’s most admired personalities.

Stepping It Up: Step Parent Advice

August 31st, 2015By Marnie Macauley

Thinking of moving in together? If you have kids from a previous relationship, there’s more than just two hearts to think about.

Divorce – Yours, Mine and Ours

August 31st, 2015By Kim Calvert

Our divorce taught us there’s a big difference between romantic fantasy and the reality of a lifelong partnership – and staying single is sometimes better.

Single Schmingle!

August 10th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Enough already with all the debate about single, not single and relationship status. Can’t we do what works best in our situation and get on with life?

Looking for the Ideal Man

August 1st, 2015By Kim Calvert

There’s a big difference between the fantasy of the “ideal man” and the reality of the right man — along with the right to be with no man at all.

Those Savvy Singular Aunts

June 28th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Every family should have one — the aunt — the unmarried sister with no kids of her own who keeps the clan connected and close.

The Very Singular Gloria Steinem

June 15th, 2015By Kim Calvert

“Gloria, In Her Own Words,” a documentary about one of our nation’s best-known advocates for gender equality, taught me what it really means to be a feminist.