The Happy Single

July 8th, 2017By Cathy Zukimoto

Funny how you can wake up one day and realize how much you enjoy being single despite people telling you it just isn’t so.

Social Security – Not so Great for Singles

July 6th, 2017By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

There are more than 1,000 federal laws that benefit the legally married. That massive favoritism is especially evident when it comes to Social Security.

Being for Singles

July 5th, 2017By Kim Calvert

If you want to change how you feel about being single, you have to change the way you think about being single.

Video Pick: TEDx Talk from Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

June 2nd, 2017

Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. was a featured speaker at a TEDx program in Belgium. The topic of her talk: “What No One Ever Told You About People Who Are Single.”

D’oh! Singlism on The Simpsons

June 1st, 2017By Craig Wynne

It’s subtle and often not even noticed, but even in The Simpsons, the single characters are the ones you wouldn’t want to be.

The Marvel of the Male Ego

June 1st, 2017By Kim Calvert

Who hasn’t noticed that some men, no matter what they look like, have no problem walking up to the most beautiful woman in the room to ask her to dance?

Benefits We All Enjoy When More People Are Single

May 15th, 2017By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

These days there are more single people than married, and despite what some might think, it’s been a good thing for our families, friends and communities.

Free to Be Me

May 15th, 2017By Kim Calvert

Once I stopped trying so hard to find “him” so I would no longer be single, I found the time and the space to find the real me.