So You’re Single – Get Over It

November 16th, 2015By Kim Calvert

We’re half of the population now. Why are some people still embarrassed about being single?

How to Be Happily Single

November 11th, 2015By Verity Johnson

There’s a type of single person that defies the old stereotypes. They’re bold, strong, secure and enjoy a kind of freedom you don’t see in your coupled friends.

Seventeen Singulars in Cambria

November 1st, 2015By Kim Calvert

SingularCity gets together for a weekend in a charming village on California’s Central Coast and what happened in Cambria should definitely not stay in Cambria.

Can Married People Be Happy?

October 19th, 2015By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

The Atlantic magazine goes to the Aspen Ideas Festival and asks “the experts” to comment on a question we find insulting: “Can single people be happy?”

Staying Single to Pursue Your Passion

October 17th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Are some single people so devoted to their careers that there’s simply no space for a spouse?

Being for Singles

October 12th, 2015By Kim Calvert

If you want to change something, you’ve got to change the way you think about it – and that includes what you think about being single.

Little Luxuries When You’re Single

September 27th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Despite the old stereotypes about being single, we’re not any more selfish than our married friends, but we can be stingy — with ourselves.

Katharine Hepburn’s Singular Style

September 14th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Being singular is an attitude of fierce independence and a conscious choice to follow your heart – a way of life for one of America’s most admired personalities.