Parable of the Sun and the Wind

January 21st, 2016By Kim Calvert

I heard a nugget of wisdom the other day and although the speaker was referring to romance, I realized her advice could benefit all my relationships.

Letting Go of Control

January 1st, 2016By Kim Calvert

Try harder, do more, don’t give up — that’s the usual way. But what if I just surrendered and let life transpire without working so hard to make things happen?

Hate Being Single?

December 29th, 2015By Rachel A. Buddeberg

A fiery free spirit who enjoys the single life might not be your thing, but you can be happy if you’re not coupled, with these helpful ideas.

Older Singles Aren’t Always Lonely

December 15th, 2015By Cathy Goodwin

There’s an assumption that older singles are lonely — but many seniors prefer peaceful solitude without interference from family and friends.

Being Single on Christmas

December 15th, 2015By Leslie Talbot

A Singular magazine classic and a must-read for those living single. Yes, you really can have a fabulous single life, you really can be single and happy — even over the holidays.

The 30-Day Cure for a Broken Heart

December 15th, 2015By Kim Calvert

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder — along with the realization that being single is better than being stuck in a bad relationship.

Are Single People Stronger?

December 7th, 2015By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Living in a world where couples rule could make singles more resilient than those who depend on a spouse.

Holiday Mate Hunting Season

December 7th, 2015By Kim Calvert

There’s something about the December holidays that inspire even the most resolute single woman to polish up her artillery and go in pursuit of the elusive single male.