SingularCity Member Paul Miller

SingularCity Member Paul Miller


Meet one of the talented members in our singles network: Paul Miller, a book author, film director and production artist who works in the world of TV and film.

Paul Miller Cock and Bull
SingularCity member Paul Miller with his new book, “Cock and Bull,” an autobiographical tale of his hilarious bad dates and failed romances.

Singular magazine: How did you first find out about Singular magazine and SingularCity and why did you decide to become a member?

Paul Miller: I found out about Singular magazine and SingularCity when, on a lonely night, I said, “I wonder if there are any websites for singles that aren’t necessarily looking for a nasty late night booty call or on a frantic new age quest to find their soulmate?” I searched the internet and BAM! There appears SingularCity! I decided to join because I liked the idea of having fun and meeting new people.

Sm: You have so many different careers/talents: production designer, prop master, art director, prop builder, storyboard artist, director – and now book author. Are any of these things that you feel more adept at or that you prefer doing above the others?  

PM: Wow, put it that way, I sound amazingly prolific! Without a doubt, I prefer directing films above all else, however, I found writing a book was the most fulfilling emotionally. The directing jobs are the most difficult to land by far, but I am blessed by the fact that I have artistic skills to fall back on to make money while I pursue my dreams.

Sm: Did growing up in a farming community in Michigan help you to develop imagination and creativity?

PM: Sparta, Michigan was a small berg where the most exciting thing that happened on a day to day basis was that corn grew. As a young man in that less than exciting environment, I often imagined myself going on exciting adventures to Mars, the Crab Nebula, or Detroit. So I would say those flights of fancy went a long way in developing my creative side.

Sm: Tell us about your book, “Cock and Bull” and why you were inspired to write it.

PM: When I had a bout with cancer (almost a two-year survivor, thank you very much!), I started thinking what contribution I was going to leave to the world. I’d been told throughout my career to “write what you know.” As I brainstormed, it became painfully apparent that the only thing I really knew a ton about was my own hilarious bad dates and failed romances. “Cock and Bull – A Young Man’s Misadventures in Lust and Love” is an autobiographical coming of age story about the painful but funny lessons learned in the ways of love, lust, sex, and romance as I grew from a boy into a young man.

Sm: “Cock and Bull” is a rather brutally honest, comical revealing of your young dealings with love and sex. Was it difficult to bare your soul to the world?

PM: When I sat down to write the book, I decided that I was going to be honest. So I just accepted the fact that I would be baring my soul (among other things). The funny thing is, though I did exaggerate some elements of the stories to boost the laugh factor, the stuff readers always think I made up were actually true events!

Sm: After being willing to be so forthcoming in your book, have there been any ramifications?

PM: Not really. I think a couple women I’ve dated have been a little concerned that they were going to end up in the book sequel but in all honesty, my dating life is much more tame now so there isn’t a lot to write about … except for a recent date that involved a monkey. That one will definitely end up in the second book!

Sm: Do you feel like you’re living your dream? Graduating from the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school and working in the film and TV business in Los Angeles?

PM: For all of Hollywood’s glitter and glitz, the entertainment business is a tough one. I can’t say that every day I wake up dancing on the stars and feeling like I’m inches from heaven. The politics and the schmoozing and the misrepresentation can get rather frustrating sometimes (kinda like Internet dating!) However, at this point in time, I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

Sm: Are there any current projects you are excited about?

PM: Currently, I am working with a kid who’s battling cancer. He wants to play a James Bond type character in a movie so I wrote a short script and am currently building all the cool sci-fi gadgetry for the film. I’ll be crowd funding the project through donations. I’m very excited to be encouraging young cancer fighters and their families to continue the good fight. Together, we can beat this dreaded disease!

Sm: How do you define success?

PM: Hmmm, that’s a great question. Selling books? Making movies? Having an empowering female companion at my side? When I get successful, I’ll let you know.

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