Our Video Pick: “Oh To Be Single Again!”

Our Video Pick: “Oh To Be Single Again!”


Married mom Daphne Brogdon receives a copy of Singular magazine in the mail and longs for when she was sexy, savvy and single!


“Take me home country road! Oh, anyone who knew me back in my pre-married days knew there was no one who knew how to be single like yours truly. I climbed on top of some nice looking men, traveled, went out for the fun of it, and had a wide circle of friends. Now, I’m a borderline shut-in … Ironically, this magazine arrived … as a sample subscription. Like they had my name from the way-back years. Sadly, presently I could sooner relate to Aspirational Housecoats.”  — Daphne Brogdon

Daphne Brogdon is a comic and host of TV Guide Channel’s weekly series, The Fashion Team, a fun romp through celebrity fashion. In her segment, “Fashion Mommy Must Haves,” she focuses on fashion stories that relate to the mom perspective. She also makes fun of how famous people dress every week in Star Magazine’s “Worst of the Week.” Daphne is a somewhat regular contributor to CNN Headline’s Showbiz Tonight, a contributor to Pregnancy Magazine, and the host of FOX’s web show 24 Inside. She’s also been seen on Dr. Phil and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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