Del Mar Opening Party with Singular magazine

Opening Day Party at Del Mar


Members of our SingularCity social network hoof it down to Del Mar to enjoy the annual party celebrating the opening of Thoroughbred racing season.

Del Mar Opening Party with Singular magazine
SingularCity members get ready to enjoy the Opening Day Party at Del Mar racetrack.

Husband’s Folly, Go to the Pulpit, This One’s For Me, Sinfully, Keep Movin’, Betty Bing Bing, On The Fence, Chasing the Heat, Legal Separation, Single Launch and Unfettered – no, those aren’t titles for Singular magazine’s latest articles, they’re names of Thoroughbreds that ran on Opening Day at Del Mar racetrack on Wednesday, July 17.

Still, even with those intriguing names, the horses were just the co-stars on a day when people-watching reigned supreme over the sport of kings and the eye candy included a ladies hat contest that would make the most jaded Ascot attendee gasp in awe.

“I had no idea the men would be so nattily dressed,” said SingularCity member Fontaine Marsi, who attended the affair wearing an enormous turquoise feathered hat. “I thought the women would just don silly hats, but I was surprised to see so many were genuinely beautiful and well-dressed. Going out on the town in LA or Vegas, I never see people dress so nicely. Why can’t everyone do that all the time?”

Some 43,000 people showed up to greet Del Mar’s first day of racing and in keeping with the Del Mar tradition, most came stylishly attired. Picture an Easter parade crossed with SoCal sensibilities – as in hot, sexy and plenty of leg.

“It was my first time at Del Mar and it was rocking,” said Albert Blondeel-Timmerman, a long time SingularCity member. “The women were amazing, definitely my favorite part, and just about everybody was friendly and in a party mood. I met a lot of people and right off we were laughing and carrying on like old friends.”

SingularCity member Clara Berta decided to drive down the day before and enjoy a little mini-vacation in the lovely seaside town of Del Mar. “I had no idea the opening day would be such a big deal,” she said, “the ladies in their hats and dresses – the men wearing suits and dressy shirts were quite attractive.”

She said her favorite part was Del Mar’s club house which provided a bird’s eye view of the races. “I was sitting with two fun guys who helped me place my bets and at the end of the day, came out ahead with $21. I had a wonderful time and Del Mar is beautiful.”

The opening day party kicked-off the 2013 Del Mar season that runs through September 4.  Besides horseracing, the track has an impressive lineup of summer concerts, a reggae festival, seminars that teach the ins and outs of horse racing, plenty of tie-ins with local Del Mar hotels and restaurants, and even wiener dog races on Labor Day.

To learn more about what’s happening at the Del Mar racetrack visit:

SingularCity Opening Day Party at Del Mar:

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